Wednesday, July 29, 2009

One done - one to go

Sleeves that is, look! Toby has a sleeve, just one, but a sleeve all the same. Finished all the way to the wrist and bound off. This is pretty much my knitting total for the week .. one of those weeks really, yes again. Work got in the way, again. I 'winged' the end of the sleeve, making decisions as I had to with not much of a forward plan, and it seems to have worked. I worked a few rounds of garter in the round at the end ... and it looked good but where the cable ended it flared in a girlie way.... I frogged back the garter rounds to the last cable cross and closed the cable off. I'm sure there is a name for it but I don't know it. Let me know if you have a name for this technique. It is where instead of working a standard cable cross you work instead a variation of a 3 needle bind off. So I for my 4 stitch cable (2 stitches crossing 2 stitches) I knit stitch 1 together with stitch 3, and stitch 2 with stitch 4. End result was the four cable stitches were neatly reduced to 2, the cable appeared crossed .. and the flare was gone, the cable simply stops. Then I worked 4 rounds of garter stitch -- and perhaps that should have been on smaller needles, for there is a little flare but not a girlie flare .. as I work sleeve two and consider more sleeve one .. there may yet be frogging and smaller needles ... we will see.

And Bayerische ... yes, Bayerische nears one of those landmark points, I'm only one repeat away from where I narrow the leg under the calf. Just being that close is enough to spur me to spend more time working on this. In my mind that is half way down the leg and there are fewer stitches once I've decreased away the extra eight stitches .. so my progress speed with increase. Wishful thinking or positive thinking? In truth probably both :-)

ok ... slight progress but progress all the same
na Stella



you are such a cleaver girl and do such pretty work!


ps, it is raining cats and dogs outside with the lights and the noise and it is making my dog quite clingy here in north texas.

Jen said...

Hi, I tripped upon your blog looking at Fair Isle videos on YouTube. Great informative blog ! I'm adding it to my blogroll, thanks. ~Jen