Wednesday, July 15, 2009

2nd time around

Today, the gansey grows again - and yes it is easier the second time around knitting the same thing. This time I've been able to plan a bit more and the strap is working out even better. Thanks for all the comments, and 'been there' thoughts after last weeks post, I know I'm not alone. Plus I've got a new sock kit ... and distracted by a comment and a loose plan, then there is the weekends distractions to think about.

So the gansey shoulder strap is under way (again), this time I measured it twice, once by row and once again using a tape measure... that is what I should have done the first time around but neglected to do. I suspect that there is no mystery to row gauge ... it is a matter of checking not only the calculations but the actual fabric as it is knit. Problem is, once I've done the working out, I tend to power ahead and knit, assuming that the workings are correct .. despite an early career in an engineering office working with 'as-built' plans and all the issues that are created when the as-builts differ markedly from the plan. In the intervening 60 or so yoke rows I did come up with a more attractive shoulder strap stitch pattern .. this time I'm working the cable from the side of the gansey, and adding a little mini-repeat of one of the front sections. .

Late last week the latest VP sock club kit arrived, knee high colour work socks. I love them .. but I'm not sure when I will knit them. Recently I had a clear out of my Ravelry queue ... and that seemed a good place to order and rank what I want to make next. The result is I do have some things I want to make, and some things I want to wear, and even some things I want to give away .... but - well - I'm honestly not sure what the next thing will be that I cast on. I'm thinking the queue is a great idea ... but I'd like the next thing to be a little spontaneous ... random ... something that is 'now', and me, and just what I need after Bayerische and the gansey and all the charts that they encompass.

Three of us, M, J and I are the team organizing the local Creative Fiber Open day. Its in September, so pop the 19th in your diary , and if you are in or near Dunedin ... call in and visit. As part of that we wondered what we could offer that would be new and different .. and settled on a few taster snippet classes. 10-15 minute sessions that would be repeated and just introduce people to ways of working with fiber they might not already know. M .. all casual suggested a Hackle, for hackle blending .. but said we would need to make one. Well ... after looking up hackles on line, plastic afro combs?... and a nights sleeping and thinking how I didn't want to buy 10 or more packets of afro combs ... I ended up at the hardware shop, and then with two little wood working elves spent the morning making myself a hackle. It works , surprisingly well .. Bear looked it over and suggested some improvements, if my helpers had not been both under 11 .. well I would have used power tools and it might be more robust. Bear is keen to make another, a 'nicer one', ... and it would be nice if it was more sturdy, as I've no idea how long this one will last.

And this weekends distractions? Well Saturday and Sunday, I'm off to a two day Tambour beading workshop, I've sourced my beads and my tambour hook, dusted off my embroidery frames and hoops, and stand, collected up my little sharp scissors and other required bits and pieces ... and I'm ready to go. I've even collected up a little group of like minded souls from work and from knitting and spinning .. so it looks like it should be fun. Next week is back to work week, and all that entails (tidying up after the last semester .. students marks and those that need attention) ... so the workshop is a nice way to finish my last weekend off before it all starts again.

take care, knit something fun,
na Stella

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Knitting Linguist said...

The sweater is looking good, and I love the colors of those sock yarns! I also love the "helper" shot -- it looks like they did a great job (you, too!) :) Enjoy your last weekend, I can't wait to hear all about it!