Friday, June 12, 2009

That was fun!

So in case your are wondering if you woke up and missed something, New Zealand is the country that is nearest the date line, so its Saturday the 13th here before its Saturday anywhere else.
Which means we have already hosted our 2009 WWKIP event.

As one of the organizers, secretly I was hoping for a turn out of more than 10. We got 30+! That is a whole lot of knitting going on. K & M brought spare needles and yarn to give away and we enticed a few passers by into knitting, and a few fof's (friend of a friend's) as well. They spotted friends knitting, wandered over, we proffered yarn and stick .. and there they were, suddenly knitting in public.

The Mall Manager was really good, he kept organizing more seats .. but some people wanted to be in the middle of things .. not seated around the edges. It appears that you can knit any where, the floor under the table is good for some.

And the latest Vintage Purls sock club started shipping, yum!
M bought a button machine - so the cute little round things are knitting buttons ....
cute as ... yes a button, Ok so I am not good at jokes.

take care, now



that looks like it was fun!!

Knitting Linguist said...

Ooh, I'm so glad it went so well! And you've just reminded me to be sure to have my camera today -- thanks :)