Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The post with no images.

No images, I left the camera at work, and had 'one of those days'. Work began at 8:30, drive with headlights on as still dark, drop cubs to school, 9am meeting, teaching knitting elective 10-12, rush to fare-well lunch for colleague, rush back to teach 1-4pm, rush to 4pm marking moderation meeting at the main campus, print marking sheets, compare results, discuss ... bus home at 5:45pm, in the total dark. Its winter here, the daylight hours are short.
U'Oh, camera and gansey knitting still on the desk awaiting for mid day daylight photo.
so no photos.
Gansey grows, I'm only a centimeter or so from the start of the gansey texture knitting. I've knit the rib on the second Bayerische sock .. tonight I'll work the increases and get started on the travelling stitch patterning. I've bought new yarn, some thick 10ply Aran to knit a pair of felted clogs .. this months knitters study group project.
The knitting elective finishes tomorrow .. and I've learnt so much teaching them, and hope they have learnt lots. Looks like it. I plan to bake a cake or something to take in to celebrate after the presentation and hand in.

Thats me,
take care na Stella



take a breath! reading it had me running!

Knitting Linguist said...

Whew! Definitely one of those days! I'm so glad to hear that the knitting class went well, though -- I bet they loved it :)

Libby said...

I've been having days like that too, I hate it how work can interfere with the knitting!! It's miserable getting home in the dark but I guess at least we might get a bit more daylight up here than Dunedin. Now we're past the shortest day though, won't be long till more sunlight comes along!

Anonymous said...

I'll soak up the sunshine here in Oregon and send it your way - - watch for it in just 5-6 months!

My dear Kiwi friends were here last "summer" to miss out on the weather.
BEST to you!