Wednesday, June 17, 2009


We got Snow, and not your typical Dunedin snow .. but real, snowed in, can't go to work, schools canceled for the whole day, no buses at all snow. Usually we get a little snow, just a light dusting once or twice a year, and all gone and melted by 10 am. Yesterday it snowed, and snowed and snowed, and then it snowed some more. It was still snowing late afternoon. So - today's post, well there are functioning mittens, a finished hat, Bayerishce turns a corner, there is a new project .. and the snow. But first the functioning mittens, these are Poppy's Maine Striped Mittens, which got absolutely coated in snow (how did that happen I wonder ... snow ball throwing .. no, never ... not my kids) and yet kept her little paws toasty warm. Knitting colour work in DK weight on 3.5mm needles works well for warm thick snow proof mittens. A quick dry on the oil radiator heater .. and they were all warm and fluffy dry again.

I finished my new hat, started for WWKIP day 2009, last Saturday, and finished Sunday night.This is it, Leaf Beret by Melissa LaBarre, published in Knit.1, Spring/Summer 2009. Its a pretty plain beret, with a tubular cast on single rib band, and then two staggered lace leaves positioned at the 'front'. I guess the wearer decides if they are at the front, as the beret has no real front or back, it could be just as jaunty at the side. Did I mentioned its hand spun, two ply, alpaca, silk, merino, my handspun -- in the prettiest grey green you ever did see?

It is a little looser than I had envisaged (even though I deliberately added stitches to compensate for a firmer gauge - maybe I shouldn't have - swatches lie sometimes) .. but its lovely. Loose enough I won't get hat hair. I blocked it over a cake stand .. as it was larger than our dinner plates.

Bayerische has turned the corner, the heel, during the week. And very very nicely, I've worked away the gusset and am mid way down the foot. Not long to go now. I do admit momentum has slowed on this knit ... there is not the mad exited knitted there was when I started ..I started on May the 12th. If I keep this as my sock knit, my solo sock knit, well it won't take long, will it? The VP sock club kits might tempt my self imposed sock monogamy a little, especially as M came to work today to speak about designing knitwear to my elective students .. and brought as props all the socks from previous sock clubs. I was reminded greatly of the unknit ones I have waiting in stash for me .. still Bayerische for now (must stay strong, must focus knit energy on one sock project at a time) and then have the fun of choosing a new sock from all those waiting.

I had to start a new public knitting project, I knew the rib on the Leaf Hat would be done to quick at WWKIP and there isn't any point starting a chart and chatting at the same time. So I cast on for Toby's gansey. This has been 'in swatch' stage for 6 months or more .. and perfect for out and about knitting. WWKIP meant some fast design decisons were made, and now I've worked the lower edge on smaller needles and doubled yarn. This was an edge style I tested on the swatch and I like it, I liked the added stiffness and thickness at the hem. I've knit his initials into the front, just above the hem. and now its plain round and round (with a seed stitch seam) until I need to add the underarm gusset, and divide for the front and back. 2.5mm needles, loosely based on Beth Brown-Reinsel's book, 4 ply from the local mill in a colour way called Marine. Gauge is 30 stitches to 10 cm ... so gansey gauge .. but not gansey yarn.

And I'll leave you with the snow ... which is all gone now, but was there and magnificent all of yesterday.

na Stella


CraftyGryphon said...

Ooo, Stella, I know it's probably a mite cold for you, but this side of the world is about to have its first spate of +90F (+32C?) weather for the summer.

I will click back to this entry and look at the pretty snow to remind me that the whole world isn't hot and muggy and miserable!!

Knitting Linguist said...

Wow, that's some serious snow! I love that Poppy got to test out her mittens and that they worked so beautifully :) I'm also loving that beret, and wondering whether I might not need to buy that magazine, even though I usually don't. Hmmm... :) Good luck with the sock monogamy!

KathyR said...

Your snow is so pretty! We didn't get any - just really cold wind and lots of sun. Great for drying clothes outside instead of finishing them inside. Your sock is looking good and so is Toby's gansey. Have you decided on the patterning, if any, for the top half?

Suzanne said...

Snow, functioning mittens, and a jaunty beret - I doesn't get any better than that! Mid-latitude knitters can only dream of such harmony. I fear I have left you high and dry on the gansey KAL. Toby's is coming along very nicely. Stay warm.

me said...

Beautiful knitting! Amazing snow and perfect for those mittens! Your photography is great - clear and bright, just like we are all there, in person!!! Thanks for such great inspiration!