Saturday, April 12, 2008

to long, or to short?

That is the question today, I've completed Salto sock one, and its to long, or rather there is not quite enough yarn left for sock 2 - so what is left is to short. As well as knitting socks I've been spinning lots, and knitting garter rib on my recalculated tangled yoke cardigan. I survived the team building, and it appears that it need not resemble those awful examples we see on reality tv. Instead this was a nice mini bus trip, stopping for coffee, held at the Nasby pub with gourmet food for morning tea and lunch, followed by a trip to the 1970's fashion collection housed nearby. The team building bit seemed to be us ranking 5 attributes of how we worked together and then a bit of a discussion about why each was ranked that way. If thats team building, then I can be on the team. That competition is still open, comment so make a guess as to what this knitting tool is and go in the draw for vintage purl sock yarn.

Now about this sock, the one which might be a tad to long, I can explain, I did knit the rib half an inch longer than the pattern said. I wasn't paying attention), and the foot is half an inch longer than needed. Sometimes my mind wanders, well maybe more than some times, knitting is my meditation. I am hoping that if I frog the toe back - that there will be enough for sock 2. I weighted them on my kitchen balance scales, and they nearly balance so half an inch might be enough. If not ... I'll talk very nicely to Vintage Purl Girl, and perhaps I can buy another skein as closely matched as possible given this batch was dyed a month or so ago and knit the two toes from another skein so they match. I do need to frog the finished toe back any way, stupidly not measuring until was to late and then thinking 'oh - it will be alright', when I know deep down, it won't be - do I ever learn, seems not yet. A second skein would mean socks for Poppy or Toby - which is fine, its such a nice warm shade of orange, how could any one have cold feet wearing socks coloured like these>

And spinning - yes I've been spinning, lots. I've nearly done bobbin 2, and have bobbin one full to the brim - see. Oh I know you are only supposed to fill the bobbins half way up, but I can't work out why. With double drive the bobbin drag isn't significant - so I kept spinning. And it will ply and make two full bobbins. This is Bean-sprout 50/50 alpaca merino from Ashfords. I've got 300g, so we will see what yardage I get. Scarf maybe?

I'm spinning on my Wing wheel, the 2nd I ever bought, its a beauty, I really enjoy using it, but it did have a rattle in use. The bobbins just clattered on the spindle shaft. Not loud, not painfully, but there was chatter, a lot of chatter/clatter. Bear suggested that I try a thicker oil, we had already worked out that the bobbin was a neat fit. Just loose enough to cause a rattle, not loose enough to allow us to wrap the spindle to reduce the chatter. I tried Chain Oil, made for chain saws, - I now have a silent wing and no drips. Chain oil is thick and sticky but slippery. I'm going to have to put some lavender oil in the can - at present is smells like a motor mower, but only occasionally. I had been using Ashfords oil, a much lighter oil for a much newer wheel - maybe older wheels need older style oils to run best?

I'm still knitting away on those 2.5mm needles, making my re-sized Tangled yoke cardigan. Look I'm up to nearly 7cm - not bad for only a few nights knitting.

And I'm looking forward to plying my spinning on my new lazy kate - this came with my last 2nd hand wheel purchase. I love the shape of this one, and its tensioned.

Its a short post today, younger daughter and I have had the afternoon to our selves, Bear and older son are off to a beach party almost out of town, YD wants to do grown up things like practice her reading on the computer, here, uninterrupted, and she is a little lonely - no one to bounce off. The local Montessori closed so she is in a state school, and enjoying it - but, and for me its a big but they don't teach phonetics, none. So we encourage her to sound out words and play on sites like this. I just don't understand how kids can read without knowing what the letters sound like.

take care - Stella


KathyR said...

The sock looks so nice and cosy - I hope that frogging the toe will give you enough for the second sock. Your spinning looks great! but who said that you should only fill bobbins halfway? Unless I'm only spinning a small amount I fill the bobbins as much as I can! Interesting about the chainbar oil - I wonder what D would say if I tried to nick some of his? :) Thanks for linking to the reading site, really good! I've sent the link to my DS and his partner - H is 4 now and should be ready for this sort of thing. She is really bright (can write most of her name and has counted to 12 for some time) so she should be able to pick it up quickly. Nothing like a head start for school.

Knitting Linguist said...

I love the color of those socks -- you're right, no-one's feet can be cold in socks like those. I keep forgetting that you're heading for winter; it's been so hot and dry here this weekend, that I haven't really been able to bear knitting (sigh). The spinning is looking lovely -- I can't wait to see it plied up! Also, the reading site looks interesting, I'll have to see if YD might be interested in checking it out. I'm with you on the phonics thing; it's too bad the schools don't quite get it.