Wednesday, April 16, 2008

a little knitting, a little plying, a little dying

I've been busy with bits and bobs over the last few days. Finishing and starting, I've plied up some yarn, and made a start on rest of the roving to match what I have already done, I've started Salto sock two, and I've been spending a little bit of time dying fiber. The guess what it is competition is still running, so leave a comment with your best guess before the end of April and go in the draw for Vintage Purl sock yarn of your choice

I've been spinning up some of Ashfords Bean sprout fiber, 50% merino, 50% Alpaca. The yarn is a little thicker than I would have wanted - but I'm still a beginner right? That means I'm not yet in control of what I spin - the good news is that I recognise what I need to do to improve. There is 244m of yarn (I have not counted the wraps yet) and more to make. Bear and I are thinking scarf, perhaps my so called scarf? But Bear dosn't wear scarves - so we will see on that one. If I spin and knit it will he wear it? Ravelry tells me that 2530 people are knitting that scarf, and 2829 people wanna knit it. I'm just a sheep really - following the knitterly crowd. I still have a little more of the fiber to spin up - the challenge will be to match what I already have.

In front of my soon to be a scarf Beansprout yarn is the rib for Salto two. I still need to frog the half inch extra length out of sock one, but the plan is to knit sock 2 right up to just before the toe, and then frog toe one, and complete the two toes on 2 circs at the same time. That way I get that magic - finished both at once moment! I've also been spinning what I hope is sock yarn on another wheel - my Pippy. I've spun up half onto 2 bobbins, as fine and even as I can and I'll ply that up over the next few days. Then start to spin the 2nd half of the yarn. I've only got 3 Bobbins for the Pippy - but I should have another 6 soon. Mr Poore, Pipy's maker is hand craftig the extra Bobbins for me so they match my original ones. There was a delay while he ordered more brass tube - but they can't be far away.

I've also been playing with dying, When i did the learn to spin classes we were given a bag of Romney raw fleece to spin. I didn't find 'in the grease' so much fun, for me it was harder to control my draw, so I've washed the fleece, carded it, and dyed it. So far I have a bluish dark grey with shades of red (much darker in real life than in the photo), and a more mossy batch. I'll probably card them together. I do want to dye another batch or two, one redder,and perhaps one darker blue, or black? I've enrolled in a creative fiber colour course, by distance. Last weekend I had fun shopping for paint in the 'double primary colours', 2 reds (one warm one cold) 2 yellows and 2 blues, so perhaps after I've done the course work my colours will have more forethought?

I realise this is a quick post, not a lot to show and tell, and nothing really exiting - but thats how life is some times. If you live in New Zealand you will be aware of two major news items, first a teen girl missing for a week or so and second the youths and their teacher lost in the canyon flood. It kind of flattened me a bit. I've been making the most of spending time with the cubs and Bear, and thinking about the families involved.

go carefully, please watch the weather and take care ...


KathyR said...

Oooh...good spinning! Your beansprout yarn looks really nice and I love that scarf pattern.

I took the colour in design course a number of years ago (it could have been the first year they had it). Good course but I wasn't a very good student, I'm afraid. I'm sure my imagination went wandering when I was born!

Those news items certainly are tragedies - too many of them, these days. Yes, appreciate your families and hold them close while you can. And, in the famous words from "Hillstreet Blues", be careful out there.

Knitting Linguist said...

I'm sorry to hear about those news stories you mention; isn't it scary how fast life can change under you? I can't imagine being one of those parents...

The spinning is looking lovely! I can't wait to see the sock yarn (I'm so impressed). And the dyeing is looking very nice. It'll be great to see how it spins up, and how fun to eventually have another knitted item that you started from scratch :)

Diantee said...

We were all a bit sad about the news this week. I'm keeping a really firm eye on my 15 year old daughter. Love what you are doing with your spinning and dyeing. Spinning looks like such fun - maybe when I retire!