Tuesday, April 29, 2008

and the winner is ....(drum roll please)

Today, the winners of the guess the mystery object competition are announced, two winners, yes indeed some one guessed, and a consolation prize to one lucky reader drawn at random from all those others who commented but didn't guess rightly. Both get to choose a skein of sock yarn from the Vintage Purls shop. Remember New Zealand where I am is ahead in the time zone thing, so the competition is now officially closed even though it might still be April where you are. Plus + a little update on my second Salto sock, and I'm off to knitting camp Friday, back Sunday, twined knitting camp with 13 other like minded knitters. Pretty exiting stuff. I'll be back after the weekend.

so without further fuss, the winner is Jussi who said...
You sit your cone of yarn on it and it spins slowly as you knit, so that your yarn unwinds nicely. Which is exactly what it does, so I've let Jussi know, and she can choose a skein of yummy sock yarn in her favorite colour way. I suspect Jussi deals with cones and might have something similar herself. Now we both know you don't need a cone holder to knit from a cone, you just need the cone of yarn and the pointy sticks. But if you are knitting a large item (sweater, shawl or such) in fine weight yarn from a cone, a lace weight say with little twist ... well the act of making stitches, well the knitting actions can remove the twist from the yarn and then the knitting looks flat. And lets not forget the one big advantage of knitting from a cone, the miles and miles of yarn with no knots, joins or splices to interrupt your knitting. So this is my cone holder build with aero-technology dispenses yarn from the cone with the gentlest of tugs, gifted to me by Suzanne. Yes - aero technology, in a previous life this little gadget was part of a flying machine.

... now I also said you don't have to guess correctly, so drawn from the other commenter's, we have Shirley who also gets to choose a skein of yummy sock yarn in her favorite colour. this draw was done very officially, at the end of our family breakfast meal, with names on little cards in a bowl and Poppy bear did the honors of fishing out the winners card. A big thank you to all who visited and left comments, it makes the blogging much more fun to see responses.

and since this is really about knitting, well Salto grows, sock two is half way there. I'm just starting the heel flap, and the cables have come together nicely as in the first sock. This won't be my take along project, to much fussing with row counting and lines, but I'm not sure what my relaxing knitting will be, perhaps my re-calculated tangled yoke cardigan? But thats small needles for knitting in the evening, so are socks, and most everything I knit so I'll let you know.

ok - I'm off to pack and spin and knit, and organise free yarn for two luckly knitters, take care of yourselves and back next week with twined knitting to show off.


Jussi said...

thank you :-)
yes I do deal with cones, I do not usually handknit from them, so have no need for a spinny thing - however, a friend in Sydney who knits lace had one specially imported from the US - so that's how I knew!

I love your seaman's scarf btw, I may borrow your inspiration, I've been plodding away on a garter st scarf for the boring husband, this looks much more exciting!

Knitting Linguist said...

Great contest -- congrats to the winners!

The knitting weekend sounds like such fun! I can't wait to see the pictures and hear all about what you learn while you're there :)

Kate (Knitapotamus!) said...

Congrats to the winners and what a great idea of yours to have the contest and to so generously donate not just one but TWO skeins of yarn!!