Friday, September 21, 2007

working away .... calming down after yesterday!

Today, more progress knitting on Hedgerow, not much to report on Fannigan so no report (just plodding along on the raglan yoke shaping), I went to a knitters workshop this morning so some teeny tiny samples to show, and a new video. QuiltyKS very nicely asked via u-tube if I could post a video showing more detail on how I hold a single yarn. The videos I have posted before showed more the actual stitch forming, or the process with 2 yarns than the holding. So bonus today - new video.

Hedgerow, knitting sock two, past the rib, and on to the leg. I had around 3" of this knit last night - but frogged most of it before I went to bed. Yesterday I had an adrenaline moment - which seemed to affect me for much of the evening. My son was invited to a party after school, and we had planned he would go to the party in their car. During the day the mother organising the party texted me and said my 5 year old daughter(Poppy) was invited as well, We texted back and forth a bit - the upshot being that she would collect both Toby and Poppy from school and we would collected them around 5. School finishes at 3, at 3:30 I got a txt saying, she was home and I could bring Poppy around. Wild hyperventilating panic, as I rang the school, the office staff had no small girl left over, I waited on the phone and after some time, yes they did have my daughter safe. I text the 'other' mother and let her know Pops was still at school and I was going to get her.

So I drive madly to school, and the office was locked, no sign of her or any one. I rang the school office and somewhere deep inside the building they reported she was taken to the main gate by another friends mother, I went to the front gate - no sign of her, was the main gate one of the other 3 smaller gates? Rising panic... then an adult waved from the playground, it was one of Poppy's classmates mothers, she had noticed Poppy in the office and so had stayed on with her 3 children to play and keep her company until I got there. Finally some hour or so latter, I texted the 'mother who forgot' and let her know that Poppy was ok and safe. Turns out she went looking for Poppy and 'some other mother' said she had seen Poppy go home with her dad! Poppy was blisfully unaware of all of this and thought that extra play time with Corry was fab idea. I was shaking, but she is safe, people looked out for her, adults took care of her, No one left her along, and that is very comforting indeed.

Knitting last night was fraught with mistakes, I knew better than to work on fair isle, but on the socks I kept getting my row repeats all muddled, which put down to adrenaline from earlier in the day, also my dad came to stay from Waimate, and he sat in 'my' spot under the table lamp, so I found myself knitting in the dark edges of the room. On edge and in the dark - not good. And yes - I have noticed that the rib on one sock is slightly longer than the rib on the other - but we are in denial about that.

This morning I went to our monthly spinners and knitters workshop, where we sampled edges and bands. There were lots of books, some one bought new pathways for socks knitters to show- and now I know I want it. Its on my list. We talked, ate, had a cup of tea and knitted little samples. I have already done faced edges and picot edges, and i-cord before so had a play with double I cord (very nice once I got the hang of it), a twisted edge, and some ruffle samples. There was also a lot of book browsing and yarn admiring. A nice quiet time. A few of us are also signing up for a knit-to-fit workshop in November, a whole weekend away, so two away knit workshops this year - not bad.

And here is the latest video installment, apparently my earlier videos (thanks Bear) didn't show how the yarn worked through the fingers clearly - so this one aims to resolve that.


Knitting Linguist said...

Hi -- I just found your blog, after your comments on mine; thanks for posting the research on Lord Kitchener and grafting (that issue just MUST be resolved by someone!). I'm so glad you found your daughter all right -- having two young ones of my own, I can just imagine how frightened and anxious you must have been!

Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Eeek. Losing daughter! Now I have one it seems horrible... but from the other end, it isn't so bad. I can't even begin to recall how many times my mother forgot to pick me up from ballet class. I don't hold it against her... much.

And lovely video. Continental looks so much easier than the throwing variety that this newbie knitter uses. Must look into learning properly.

knitty gritty said...

Where can I learn to knit like you do? It looks much faster.

knitty gritty said...

Where can I learn to knit like you do? It looks much faster.