Friday, September 07, 2007

Where did that come from - an Instant completed project!

Ta Da!

Can you guess what this is? It is yarn, but not knitted. The beginings and endings of a crochet hat for Poppy. No pattern, just winged it, with a bit, make that a lot, of frogging. It is still frogging if it is crochet? I think so. Instead of knitting, yes my wrists are better (thank you for asking), I crocheted, and managed to finish this hat. It was an abandoned WIP from last summer, languishing in my yarn drawer, right at the back. Its Regia 4 Fach Haltbar, Col 5414 batch 50379
(41% superwash wool, 34% cotton, 25% polymid, I've had it about a year - and ordered it for socks but found it brighter and stripier than I expected - so put it aside. Perfect I thought for a crochet Derby style hat, but other projects came and took over my attention. I've got a 2nd 100g ball, so maybe next year a hat one size larger?

I pulled it out from stash during tidy up recently, crocheted a few rounds and then tried it on Poppy, then increased and flared out a brim section. After a few cm's I tried it on Poppy, and well, her face says it all really. That hat would have been ok with a clown outfit, in a "fits on top of my head but looks to small for me" way. The proportions needed adjusting somewhat.

So I frogged the brim, and lengthened the sides. Last night I added a new brim, and then slipped stitched around the edge to stabilise it and add some stiffness. This morning I soaked and wet blocked, rolled and stomped on it in a towel. Around here that is a family affair with all the kids lining up for a turn to stomp on the towel.

For now it is drying in a sunny spot in the lounge, on a balloon blown up to 2 cm larger than Poppy's head. I plan to find some suitable grosgrain and machine stitch in a hat band to finish it nicely.

Just for the record my 5 year old girl has a 50 cm head in case any distant relatives are looking for little girls head sizes. And tomorrow if time permits - I plan to upload a crochet tutorial video I played with today.

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fitknit said...

So glad your wrists are feeling better. That is so scary and also the second post I've read on the subject this morning. I'm googling hand exercises now!!!