Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Progress, progress ...

Today - maybe a motivation tip, I'll tell how work typing needs slow my knitting progress, and stash like you would not believe!

Motivation, or 'how to keep interested and going on what you are knitting', for me I think the trick is to have at least one of my current projects on hand that is nearly finished - then that "I did it, I did it, I did it" dance and the urge to show all around you how clever you are feels close, close enough to spur you on. Right now - Fannigan sleeve 2 is around 14 cm off being complete and that feels like a 'finish' moment.

There is the yoke to knit I am still not quite sure what to do there. I am following progress by Bellsknits on her fair isle jacket/cardie, who has finished the body and sleeves, as part of a jacket steekalong. I wish I had been in on that .. but never mind. Next time, maybe. The jacket seems steeked with a saddle shoulder . A variation on what I was planning - an EZ knit in the round saddle shoulder. There are a few knitters on the steek along, all at different stages, Louise has unexpected happenings to deal with - which makes for good reading and learning. Oh secretly I must be a knitting Voyer!

While Hedgerow is progressing nicely, knitting a little bit here and a little bit there. I really do love the colour of this yarn. I am doing some research interviewing and transcribing. This means much typing, on a lap top, not good, for a few days my hands and wrists have been aching. I've still been knitting but lie in bed at night knowing I should not have knit. Things tingle which is not good. Today I adjusted my work chair way up, and found the footrest under my desk and really made an effort to lift my wrists - tonight my hands feel better. I will cut back on the knitting while I am doing the transcribing - just to be on the safe side.

and a final word on stash ... now you may all have come across this before - but it is new to me, so just a quick peek at a real stash, my two small draws is nothing, nothing, not like the Yarn Harlot who uses spare space behind books on bookcases and within the base of her upright piano and nothing even close to this labled the largest stash in the world and they probably are right.

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fitknit said...

I feel so much better about my stash now. At least it fits in my wardrobe! I'm visiting your North Isle in 2 weeks and I'm so looking forward to checking out all the yarn in it's natural environment LOL!!