Friday, July 27, 2007

Back on track, and a beautiful heel.

So with the blanket out of the way, sorry not yet backed, I'm about to knit again on my fanna inspired silk merino blend caridgan )(gotta come up with a name - how do you name your own stuff?), I've posted the last photo showing where I left off, and so where I will begin, and I've been making some progress on my Pomatomus socks, I've got a very nicely turned heel to show you, Very nice indeed. It could be enought to turn a girls head back to top down socks.

So here is my colour work cardigan, at the very point I left it before begining the baby blanket. I have not knit any more, so this is an old photo.

Tonight or tomorrow I will be back to knitting this one. Two projects at a time to work on - if I impose some limits then I will finish things. With small interuptions occassionally. At present I so want to knit a hat, with pirates and a lavian twisted braid cast on as learned from watching EZ in her Glossary video. but after Pomatomus, Oh and some felted mittens, and a lacy scarf, and a jersey for Chris, so much to knit and so little time ....
I am working my way thru the EZ glossary video - but there has not been much quiet time to sit and watch and knit and I don't know why? Oh yes, work, 34 hours per week of official full time paid away from home and doing stuff other people need work, so my preparing last lecture for the year, all done now, and an writting abstract for another conference - due monday, work. I was at knit nite thursday when Kelly said "Full time - they don't pay me enough to work full time", I replied " they don't pay me enough not to work full time, so how does that work?".

So socks, That Cookie, she is so clever, I am a toe up sock knitter, I like to knit until I run out of yarn, socks usually end up shorter than you think. With the stretching out to go around your leg - what you think is a decent length sock becomes kinda shortish when worn. Toe up socks eliminate any risk of short socks nicely, so I don't often work full gusset heel socks from the top down. Oh - I have in my day knit them but very early on in my sock knitting life, I knit a few, then I discovered short rows, toe up, and latterly on to widdershins, gusset heel flat and toe up. But Cookies turned heel in these is beautiful. Pomatomus has a twisted rib heel flap growing out of the twisted rib of the lace pattern, and a very neat and generous rounded heel cup.

This is the heel cup, so neatly formed. I know it is probably standard stuff and you-all knit something of this beauty all the time, but something about the way the rib continues past the lace, then down the heel, and around and under the sole so seemlessly makes this seem well thought out, well designed in fact. How does it go from rib to plain with a seemless transition, magic methinks. My 'last' lecture was on the Arts and crafts design movement, so I have been thinking about how the 'knowing how to' make stuff influences designing, and in a way for me anyway is part of what makes good design good, and so I have been noticing little things like this heel.

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