Friday, July 06, 2007

Again with those yarn ends ....

....just because they are still there. Today its all about the baby blanket, so I have another picture showing all those yarn ends. In this view - the blanket tube is inside out - so you can see the floats. I've resolved where to end so it pairs up with the start - that just leaves when to end. And I'm away to a conference tomorrow - back Thursday. I'll be here, and presenting my first international conference paper, and on my 41st birthday - lets just say I take a while to get to some things, that others do earlier in their lives. The Blog will be on hold while I am away, and Bear will be solo parenting. My take away knitting will be a sock, the Pomatomus, of course.

You can see the blanket is now around 27 inches or 69 cm. Gillian - my out of town knit sponsor on this project (Hello Gill :D ), is having a wee think about how long it should be. Gill will let me know some time this week. And here is the blanket, again on the living room fireside chair. If you look carefully - you can see a light dusting of snow outside, again. We have been having a few of those wintery blasts, and I have seen more snow falls this winter than the previous 5 winters all together. It was -0.7C this morning, thats around 29F. Outside.

So here is the begining of the blanket,

And here is the end, I had what I still think is a bright idea to make the ends more 'matchy'. There is a band of pale blue with a stepped dark blue pattern. First it steps to the right - then it steps to the left (Rocky Horror any one?). Technically it is the start of the pattern repeat, but I thought if I finished just after that section, the start and end would be the same pattern. Clever - no?

And here is a closer view of one full pattern repeat.

I've got needles to wok the edging coming from Kanagaroo in the Uk, they take off the tax and charge 75 pence shipping per needle set. All the online retailers based in the US retain the tax and charge in excess of $30 shipping - I kid you not! Go and pretend to buy a needle set from some one. For a $14 needle!

So how will the blanket end?
Well depending on how wide the edging is to be. it will either be double and a folded down facing, or single in K1P1 rib. And given how nice the twisted rib on Pomatomus is - very likely to be in twisted rib.

Wish me luck, see you end of the week.


OfTroy said...

too late now, but next time (there will be a next time!) think about knitting in the round.

then steeking, and make knit on side border (do a doubled border) and it will bind over the steek, and many of the tails--

not to mention, the joy of alway knitting on the right side!

Shirley Goodwin said...

Lovely, Stell.