Sunday, June 10, 2007

Temporary delay

Sorry, the next update will be wednesday or latter. I spend saturday on work stuff, and I'm away again on work stuff today and tomorrow. And my dads visited this past weekend, so more talking and cooking and less knitting. My flight gets in around 8pm tuesday, and with collecting luggage and the shuttle trip to home - there won't be much to blog about or time to blog in untill much latter in the week. Plus I need daylight to get good photos - thats not easy here the depths of a Dunedin southern winter once you fit work in. We have pretty short daylight hours in winter, any time outside of 8:30 am to arround 5pm, and you need the lights on - inside.

Normal service will resume as soon as possible.
And the Gansey workshop was canned :-(
due to snow :-)
which didn't last - bother!


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Tanya said...

Welcome back! I just shot you off an email. Can you access it at home? Just remember all those lovely long days we have in summer! The shortest day is just around the corner - thank goodness.