Friday, June 22, 2007

Snow day !

Thursday morning we had snow warnings, forcasts of snow down to 300 metres (we live around 95 metres above sea level), which just means bitterly cold winds and sleet or rain. Friday morning the forcast changed to snow to sea level and Queenstown and Wanaka in central Otago a few hours up the road were land locked by icy snow roads. Last night before bed we peeked out of the window and saw a light dusting of snow - so we we banked up the fire, checked the kids, made sure the car was down the side of the house not on the street, finished our wine and toddled off to bed.

Today, Saturday, we woke to 7-8 cm of powder snow, a thick white blanket over everything. Now for some of you this is part of winter, but for us here - we get a dusting of snow once or twice a year on the hills, and slush on the flat of dunedin. We get a decent snow fall that lasts once every 2-3 years, and today was it.

It has been snowing and sunning off an on today, but is not warm - so we have a good fire going. I think one or more of us might just need something like the hats Jussi knits. I've only just discovered Jussi's blog where she hand and machine knits, but those hats ...with the ears, I know they have been done before, but those are cute with a save the forests take out the possums good feeling really soft eco yarn cuteness. I've got little ones that would look so cute and warm in those.

This morning we unilaterally decided not to take the kids to swimming lessons, after all the Police had a request out on the local radio for all dunedin travel to be limited to essential only.

Poppy was amazed to find her swing thickly coated by snow, Toby couldn't wait to play in the snow - so much so, I almost thought he would run out there in his boxers and a tee shirt and naked feet had I not stopped him.

I could not believe the cat spent so much time outside in the cold.

and because this is in fact a knit blog - here is some of today's effort, Pomotomos, just starting the 3rd lace repeat before the heel flap. I am liking this Trekking bamboo mix very much, very very much.

I've also knitted one more repeat on the fair isle baby blanket. One repeat is about 10.2 cm, so I'm thinking it will be around about 6 repeats long. With a 5 cm border all around - the blanket will near 70 cm long, and fit nicely on a 90 cm long baby bed. That plan may change depending on how much yarn the blanket eats up. I am using up the pale blue faster than the other yarn colours - so will need to get more of that on monday, and will also pick up my much awaited copy of interweave knits. That was todays treat - but with the snow, no go. Don't get exited, its just the issue you all have had for months (or is that four months?). Thats international surface shipping for you. Really I should just take out a subscription. And I've got a copy of the adult fibre trends felted clog pattern to pick up, it was strangely cheaper at my LYS than on line - odd. I have been thinking of knitting some of those - for me, for family - just how many projects do I dare start when I have work and conferences and a baby blanket to finish before a baby arrives?


Octopus Knits said...

Love the snow pictures, and your sock looks great!

Anonymous said...

I was shocked to see snow, then remembered, you are in winter now. It is very hot where I am in the US.

hortenzita said...

Thank you for the cool pictures, these days we have 37 °C here in Hungary.

KathyR said...

Cool snow pictures! My daughter used to live in Dunedin a couple of years ago and used to regularly get snowed in around her birthday (early June). No snow here but lots of cold wind. Sun yesterday and today, though - very nice!

BertandFelix said...

It is going to be so hot here in Chicago tomorrow. Nice to see snow!! Love the pictures!

Love the sock too!