Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Baby blankie begins

So I'm back in town, but not yet knitting, thats for latter tonight. But here are the initial photos of the fair isle baby blankie, all 5cm or 2 inches of it. I've had to pin the edge flat to stop the stocking stitch curl. Remember the edge will be finished with a knitted two layer facing, so once thats in place it will stay flat.
... and the match between the kniting and the graph made in photoshop is pretty good. I'm going to have to adjust the proportions, I think the graph is a bit taller than the knitting. But overall I'm very happy with it. well worth the development time. And I do have to say my friend, Gill, who is my knit sponsor on this project, lives half the country away, so it was great to blog and show her how the colours were panning out and to get some email comments back from her. The internet, surely one of our modern wonders , makes this a very very small world.

so now I'm off to do some essay marking and then KNITTING ! I have not knit since saturday, this is the 4th knit free day and I don't like it one bit.

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Cass said...

How did you survive so long without knitting? I think I'd go mad. Maybe leave some knitting in the bathroom, surely there's a few minutes there you could pick up the sticks. ;)