Sunday, June 30, 2013

Plodding along

Its winter, no we haven't had any more snow, just wet and cold with good sharp frosts, but the days are short. We have turned the corner into longer days, more light in the morning and more light in the evening. Within a few weeks we will drive to work/school at 8am and we won't have to turn house lights off as we leave, and car lights on as we drive. I can't wait. Ditto driving home. Teaching bookbinding went well, as always three week intensive blocks are - well intensive, but fun, such fun sharing a love and interest with others.
So knitting, well .. I could show you but then I'd have to ....we all can imagine how that ends, in spy stories there is a threat to kill, in secret knit swaps ... I'm not sure what the threat is, to cut or tangle ones yarn, to steal ones placeholder on the pattern chart, to randomly knit increases in your project whilst you are not looking? To swop out the chart, yarn, needles for something that will cause problems.
Yes, I've been plodding along on my secret swap knit, at times having serious doubts about the colour (I think these colours are *** colours, what if my swap partner doesn't think they are?), and the pattern (I can't remember if I've ever seen them use one of these - is that because they don't, or because they don't have one?).
Meanwhile I can share what the cubs are up to, all three, eldest, youngest and the cat all tucked up on the sofa on a cold winters eve. Sorry for the blurry faces, the wont keep still and one is fuzzy by nature. It was dark outside so artificial light. And yes little cub is wearing pink fake fair isle slippers, described by bear as ugly, don't worry I didn't make them, we bought them in a discount store.
Take care, news of things knitting soon, I promise,
Na Stella

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Suzanne said...

I love the 'flou' capture of cubs on couch. At first glance, I thought it was a painting.

Parrot and I made it back to Idaho this week. Bill had one more contest to go to in CA. Rose and Bill were the talk of the show, as Russ tossed them in at the deep end (showing in the non-pro derby), and they held their own: coming in middle of the pack, among seasoned competitors.