Saturday, June 08, 2013

New, new, and new

Hello, I'm still here, and still knitting, there are two new projects, one i can share, and one I can't. Little cub celebrated her birthday a week or two ago and at eleven she seems more grown up than ever before.

One of the new projects is a new hat for Bear. He starts a new job Monday, one that should involve more out and about than the previous job. Out and about on roads and off road, so a repeat of Hope he never needs this seemed in order. Here is the start, 156 stitches on 2.75 mm needles, exqctly the same yarn as the first one as I am using th left overs. Two by two rib for seven inches .... Might not be a lot of progress to show on this for a while.

And this is the other project that is new on my needles, something for this years secret swap partner. I could tell you all about it, the colour, the pattern, the idea, the gauge, the intended recipient ... But it's a secret so I can't. Suffice to say that this project got off to a rocky start, with a fair bit of ravelry pattern searching, two false project cast ons, several yarns wound from skeins to balls ...and abandoned, before settling on this project, this colour and this yarn. Reveal date is 6th July not long to go now. And before you all go 'well i can see its grey', it's not, just a greyscale image.
And this is how little cub celebrated her eleventh birthday. She desperately wanted a cake-pop set from the Total Food Equiupment. That is one of those shops with le creuset pans, amazing coffe grinders worth more than our car, and chef styled utensils. Cake pops are a special set of top and bottom cake tins that lock together so the cake is cooked in small spheres. Even thought this seems like a kid type present - and by the time she finished dipping the pops in melted chocolate and sprinkles it seemed as girly as it could get, this aling with all her othr presents was a quit grown up gift, there were no toys amongst them at all. The cake pop tins a close to toys as she wanted, other gifts included a new gretch resonator ukelele and a pink touch screen phone. My baby cub is growing up, and I think I'm ok with it, she squealed when she saw th uke and the cake pop tins.
Well between the boring hat knit, and the secret project I'm not sure there will be a mid week post, I'm teaching bookbinding full time for the next three weeks, so there is lots to do for that as well. Back soon - with a reveal or progress.
Na Stella.


Beccie said...

Hi there, I have recently come upon your blog and I love your work, as well as your enthusiasm. I am organizing a community expo on 6th of July that promotes community groups, I read that you are part of a couple of knitting groups, and am wondering if you would like to be involved? If so please contact be at for more info. Thanks, your pictures are beautiful. Beccie

Kylie said...

Yum Cake pops!
My mil bought me a set but I haven't had time to use it yet. I love the colour of yarn your using on the hat, I look forward to seeing it finished.