Sunday, May 19, 2013

20,736 stitches later

And my pi shawl is done. Started 17th August 2012, finished 18th March 2013, blocked one day later. The sheer number is stitches explains the long delay for this post, there wasn't much progress to show ... Just row after row of a garter band.

Here the shawl before blocking, and to explain the 20,736 stitches, I decided to add a nine-stitch garter band as the edge. Which meant that I worked nine stitches up and nine stitches back for each of the 1,152 stitches of the last full round. Before blocking the shawl measured 44".
During blocking the shawl spread a full 55" or 1.4m across, pretty much dominating our small living room. Bear spend much of the day shooing Yoyo the cat off the mat, and Yoyo spend much of the waiting for bear to leave so she could sit on the wet shawl.
The lace opened up beautifully, which was a surprise, as I thought the possum part of the yarn would bloom and close the lace considerably.
The shawl weighs 221 g dry, and was worked on 3.5mm needles, the garter boarder on 4mm. I slipped the edge of the boarder to make a neat chained edge, and attached the band with a simple k2tog. I blocked the shawl with TIG welding wires and tee-pins, running the wires through each slipped stitch.
And I went for the heart option on the edge ....
So time to knock-off and complete the other WIPs ... and plan something for my swap partner.
Na Stella
Cat included for scale