Monday, April 29, 2013

Oh my, 1,152 is a lot of stitches.

There are 1,152 stitches after the seventh increase round of a pi shawl, 1152, which is a lot. The previous section has 576 stitches. Five hundred and seventy six stitches is slow going, I managed between four and six rounds in an evenings knitting. Somehow the reality that double that stitch count would mean halving the number of rounds I could knit in a sitting didn't hit home until I knit a round. The concept that more stitches equals more time was reinforced on the second round, and I suspect will be every round after that.
Given the number of rounds I can knit in a evening progress will seem to slow, but will in fact proceed at the same rate of stitching. There are at least two more weeks of evening knitting in this shawl ... At two rounds per day, 16 pattern rounds then a cast off ... And I know I won't knit on this every day. I also know how exciting it will be when done and blocked.
As a distraction from the ever increasing pi shawl, I've been spinning.
I took apart a dyed plait of combed top by Maude and Me, and divided the fibre up into three colours. Then I made Rolags from each colour, and played with how to spin them. This is the plan I came up with, one rolag of each colour, followed by two rolags of each colour, followed by three rolags of each colour ....and so on.

I divided my roalgs into two sets and spun two singles, the whole time wondering if I was working to a clever plan or just making a mess ....
If the plan works when I knit a center out baby blanket the repeats of each colour will be increasingly longer to match the increasing stitch count as the blanket increases in size ....I think.
Here are the unblocked plied yarn, right next to a tiny skein of woolen spun Gotland lamb. I did a little bit of tweaking as i plied, breaking and removing a sinlge if the colours didn't match up too closely, and adding the removed section back into the next section of that colour. I may have finally found a way to spin Gotland that doesn't result in string! Right now the yarn is soaking ... And plumping up nicely.

And today there is sun, and Yoyo is completely relaxed ...this is the way the world should be. One relaxed warm soft loose limbed cat.
Take care ... And let me know if you want to knit a round to two ... I'm open to volunteer knitters,
Na Stella


Knitting Linguist said...

Oh, boy! I've been struggling through my own endless rows lately - if I had to double them, I don't know if I'd survive! I really am looking forward to seeing it blocked, though - it's going to be stunning. As is the spinning, which I look forward to seeing in its final baby blanket form!

geeksdoitbetter said...

how clever!

i'd love to see if your spinning plan worked for a center out baby blanket