Thursday, July 26, 2012

Not really knitting - but fun

I am easily distracted, I know this. Sometimes I fight against the distractions and other times there seems little point. Whatever it is that has caught my interest will just snag and catch again and again until I either find a new distraction or give in.

I really tried to avoid this, honest ...
Here is the latest distraction, nail stamping ... and of course the fatal hit was discovering that knitting was involved. Please excuse the tired mannicure, it's been a week and at least several sink loads of hand washing dishes for we do dishes the old fashioned way with water, soap, and a coth here at casa Knitknitfrog. The matchy-matchy grey knitting and grey nail art was completely accidental, but I can see that if I allowed it, this level of coordination could easily get out of control and have me knitting with projects that looked good with my nails.

And yes, I noticed the missing stitches, with no accompanying yarn overs, dropped or laddered stitches, or decreases ... I am aware that the nail stamp is not a true representation of a knitted fabric ... but it's fun.

Details, the polish is a soft almost metallic grey by OPI called I Vant to Be Alone (caps and spelling as on the bottle). The knitting is applied using a clever variation on etching, Polish is applied to an etched metal plate, in this case Konad M69, the excess scraped away and the image transferred to then nail using a wee sticky pad. I used a cheap black polish from the 'import' store, cost me $4.50. Video tutorial below (not mine, but nice and quick) if you are as easily distracted as I am and want to know more.

Plates care made by several brands, I have only tried Konad, and come In a variety of designs, usually with six or more patterns on each. So far I have argyle, paisley, knitting, plaid, dots, stripes, cute cartoon animals (for small cub)' and even tiger stripes ( or zebra if done I black and white).

Knitting related post this weekend, I promise, and that is the second sleeve, well on the way to the elbow.

Na Stella


Lynn Taylor said...

Love them! A splendid combo of knitting and want to try this myself.

Helen said...

Oh noes, I've managed to resist Konad so far, even the dots and stripes, but this is the last straw, knitted nails. Heads off to eBay...