Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Getting back to unfinished projects

Todays post has two parts, I have a much better image of the finished Teosinte socks, and a languishing project has been dug out of the workbasket and ..... worked on. I also discovered that I had completely missed the start of the Tour de Fleece, the annual self paced spinning event that accompanies the Tour de France. I had signed up .. but somehow wasn't at the start line on the day. I guess that happens some times with the cycling tour, people miss the start.  I'm wondering if my Tour becomes a clearing of the work basket  - with the rest of the time devoted to working on unfinished projects.
Teosinte socks all done and blocked
It is daylight here, Wednesday, and Winter, so daylight is between 9am and 4 pm. Well I might exaggerate a little, but before 9am and after 4 there isn't enough light to make good photos, and I am torn between pulling the curtains and putting the lights on or sitting in the dusk. Some how it just seems wrong to pull the curtains and turn the lights on so early ... but if I want to read, or sew or do anything detail-ish - that is what I have to do.
Teosinte is a lovely sock, and makes the most of a yarn that is more stripy than semi-solid. I like it. 

With the sock off the needles, and the grey cardigan caught in the endless loop of rows between the armscye (fancy tailoring name for arm pit) and the waist ... I dug around in the Work in Progress basket for something to finish. There are plenty of things there, gloves, fish, and a colour work beret. The Gloves won out - so between last night and now I have worked 6 rounds. I'm impressed, I was able to work out just where in the chart I was thanks to the highlighter tape I was using. I opened my workbook page and there the next round was ready marked and easy to spot. There are 13 rounds to work before I divide for the fingers, at which point I get to decide if I am making fingerless gloves, or gloves. Right now I'm not even sure I will make a second, so the decision seems even the more difficult. I've never had gloves that really fitted, I have long fingers, and most commercial gloves have short stubby fingers and leave me with glove-webbing at the base of each finger. I'm tempted to make these as gloves - just to see if I can make gloves that do fit.

Next post I might have a new sock started, littlest cub admired the Tardis socks I knit for elder cub and requested some of her own. Then again  I might have fingers and thumbs, on a glove . .. who knows? The excitement of indecision, this must be why I keep knitting.


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