Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Still avoiding the fix

Yes, I'm still dithering over the fix for the snagged lace. I know it is fixable. I know that fixing the pull means sitting and patiently tugging and easing the yarn back into its rightful place. I know that will take time, more than a few moments. I'm just not ready to sit and focus on that right now. What I have done is pick up the lace shawl and look at it, this I think is preparation for fixing the snag. And I managed to make a clearer image of the snag .... in all its loose yarn glory. There seems to be about 14cm of yarn to work back into the knit.

Meanwhile my classic grey cardigan grows, I have divided the yoke up into two sleeves and a body, and am now knitting the body. I have tried on the yoke and it all feels good so far. This past weekend was Queens Birthday Weekend, usually a cause for a long weekend. This year the Queen celebrates 60 years on the throne, as I type that I think that can't be right. Yet I have checked and it is, 60 years of being The Queen. There were all number of celebrations, and it seemed that the Queen's face was on the front of most printed magazines, featured daily on tv, and online. I've joined the online celebration with what seems to be the customary overuse of the Queens image, here a 26 year old Elizabeth R printed on the cover of next weeks NZ Listener peeps through the armhole of my knitting. She has the most amazing eyes doesn't she? I am sure I can see a hint of a smile in them.

The entire image shows her wearing what must have been deep  red lippy - not something I usually associate with the Queen. but there it is. As you can see I'm nearly at the end of the first skein of yarn in the cardigan. So  I either commit to a second skein .. or I set this project aside and complete one of the many other things that are still on the needles and in need of attention. I'm really not sure what the decision will be. Perhaps I'll even spin instead of making a decision. Things at work are quietly busy, there is a heap of marking to have done, fantastic news as M had her final for her PhD and once she has made a few minor changes has passed (there are balloons everywhere - and I mean everywhere in the office, dozens and dozens of them), and with no studdents there is a window of opportunity to write a few articles and work on some teaching prep. All that seems to be almost too much - perhaps I am beyond making decisions right now and I just want to wallow in part done projects and avoid making any decisions?

I'm probably just tired, weekends away do that to me, more so now than ever.
Take care, we had snow this morning, and it sort of lasted, traces still around the corners of the city and our lawn.  Bear drove carefully, and so did I, hope you do too.

na Stella


Jo said...

I hope the lace doesn't take too long to fix! I wouldn't have any idea where to start - which is probably why I avoid lace knitting! I'm sure it will look great when you find the time and inspiration to sit down with it and pull it back together!

Knitting Linguist said...

The Queen's image has been on many of the magazines here, too - it's amazing to see how very young she was when she took the throne!

I know what you mean about sometimes needing to wallow in non-decision-making - I often feel that way at the end of the semester, when I have been very good for weeks on end about getting everything done as it comes my way, not avoiding decisions, etc etc, and then I just feel DONE with that, and I want to NOT do it for a little while.