Saturday, June 09, 2012

Hope he never needs this

I often write that I am easily distracted, and today is further proof - as if you needed any. No updates on any projects that have been blogged, instead there is a totally new project. Why? Because I can, because the cubs are off to camp, because I knit, and because some boys don't like anything fancy going on with their knitting - but us mothers know better and sneak little features that we like in anyway.

Crown decreases --- worked with the 2x2 rib pattern

So both cubs are off to camp, different camps, and its the middle of winter. Really, yes, both kids are heading off to camp away from home in the deepest darkest months of our local winter. Not only that but inland where there is snow, and mountains, and they are heading for the mountains. I'm not worried, after all I knit, and their school is fantastic, the teachers and parent helpers amazing. Both cubs will have fun, whilst Bear and I trudge off to work and earn our way. As part of the preparation for camp lists of camp requirements have been sent home. These list the usual things, PJ's, thermals, tooth brush, comb, sturdy footwear and rain wear. The list has some things that make my knitters heart sing, like two woollen sweaters, woollen socks, mittens/gloves and a warm hat. I can provide all of that, and I'm very happy to be asked to provide all of that.

Lining, in Road Cone orange, picked up and knit - the right side of the join

I was able to tick off most of the requirements, except for a hat for eldest cub. Eldest cub is a boy, one of those who hates things that make him look different so negotiations started on what sort of hat was needed, and even more what sort of hat would be worn. I swung the negotiations in my favor by suggesting the Dead Fish hat, or a Viking hat with horns or stumps. Elder cub was much more willing to amend  his basic requirements for a plain grey hat with no fold up once I showed him those options. He realised that I could knit something that made him the talk of the camp and he was willing to negotiate to avoid that.

So let me introduce the latest hat, provisionally named Hope you never need this. The hat is dark grey, Bears Bunker, one of my favorite Greys from Vintage Purls, and is lined with Road Cone, also Vintage Purls. Both are sock yarns so super soft merino with a touch of nylon. My idea as the 'Mother' knitting the hat was a dark grey conservative ribbed hat, that was reversible with a bright orange lining. Working on the principle that if you plan for the worst it won't generally happen, the hat is made for a 'lost in the bush' type emergency. My parental plan is in the event of an emergency - he takes of his dark grey hat, reverses it and becomes a beacon of Road Cone Orange that would be more easily spotted by searchers. My even more cunning plan is that now I  have planned and knitted the hat - he should never need to use it.
Hat lining - this time showing the wrong side of the join between the two yarns.

So far Hope you never need this is a very quick knit, on 2.75mm needles, in 2x2 rib. I managed to sneak 6 decrease points into my stitch count and keep them lined up with the rib pattern. I'm feeling a little pleased with that as I had a stitch count that didn't divide easily by six or seven - so had to problem solve at 9:30pm last night. There is always a feeling of accomplishment when that happens.

My other feeling of accomplishment is the pick up at the cast on edge. I could have worked a provisional cast on, but then the knit and purl ribs wouldn't line up. Picking up stitches from a provisional cast on and knitting in the other direction means the stitches sit half a stitch off. I used a twisted German long tail cast on and picked up the little purl bumps of the cast on edge - two for every knit rib, and two for every purl rib. And look - the second feeling of accomplishment! The ribs line up beautifully! Well excepting the hard line that looks a little like a seam where the two yarn colours change.

I know - that makes two 'I'm pleased with myself' features in this one post!  Which may be my mind playing tricks and distracting me from the huge pile of unfinished Wips in the basket beside my knit chair. Do you think there is an interest in the instructions for this hat? I had Bear make photos of the pick up along the cast on edge in preparation for a photo tutorial.

Take care - and feel free to start a new project, just blame me
na Stella


Cool City Stitcher said...

Yes, I DO think there's an interest in the instructions for this hat.. especially how to do the lining.

Knitting Linguist said...

I love it! And yes, I'd bet there'd be a big interest in the instructions for this hat (I'm thinking Rick might need one for skiing, actually). I particularly like the planning-ahead aspect of the whole thing - a very engineering approach, to judge by Rick's "safety first" attitude towards life.

Penny said...

I like the idea of turning it to orange if they need it. There would be an interest in the instructions from me.

I hope your boys both survived their camps.

Vanda Symon said...

I had grand ideas about knitting hats for the boys for their camps, but hmmmmm, didn't happen. Oh, I could so imagine the cub in a viking hat with horns...NOT!