Wednesday, December 01, 2010

That wasn't in the plan for this week...

No, crutches were not in this weeks plan, but there they are. In all their ugliness (I think I might have to give them back with a some knitted sort of knitted graffiti cosy). I'm ok, not broken, just bruised, to recap, Friday I had a day off work because one my delightful cubs had brought home a combined tummy bug and head cold, Monday the tummy continued and Tuesday I stumbled and sprained my ankle. Of course I didn't notice immediately, I went to work, and after a walk for coffee and some lunchtime errand running around my ankle began to swell and hurt. By going home time I was sore, and so detoured via the Urgent Doctors to see if they could help. On a scale of 1-3 I apparently have a number 2 sprain, for which the current advised treatment is a ice 20 minutes on, 2 hours off, elevation, rest, firm compression bandage by day, none by night, 3 days with the foot elevated, then resume usual activity as able, massage after 72 hours. So far so good, but much less knitting than I would have expected .. when things hurt, well some how it distracts from the knitting. Oh and painkillers play havoc with my tummy .....which is an excellent reason not to become addicted to them.
but you are here for the knitting, and there is news .... good news, I am teaching at Handmade 2011, and registrations are open. I've had 3 proposals accepted, one as a workshop .. and we are in discussion over the others, one should be more of a lecture.

Last night I did work a little more on the second Spiral Bound sock. I'm mid way into the gusset, and so soon the magic of the heel will happen. I always like those little moments when a garment matures to a shape that looks like a garment.

Before I disabled myself I finished up plying what I had been spinning, now there is nothing on any of my wheels. Here I have the multi coloured yarn from the Scrappy swap, in all its glory. I Chain plied it to retain the colour shifts and whilst it is not a yarn I would have picked to buy .. it may have potential. There is 130g total, with a length of 198m, so DK-Aran weight? And I have no idea of the fibre content, I know I supplied a merino silk blend .. and some of the fibre was considerably coarser - but overall the yarn is light and softish. Next to it is a much nicer pink, Insilk Fingerwolle from Shoppel, sold by here by Vintage Purls. This is 70%Merino, 30% Silk blend sold as pencil roving to either knit as is on jumbo needles or spin. I spun 2 50g packets into 344m. I feel another small shawl/scarf might be the right use of this, it has that soft I want to snuggle my face into it feeling.

So I'm mending (my ankle not more knitted things), and no longer need the crutches, this weekend we have the smallest cubs ballet concert, all three shows so the weekend will be full.

take care,


KathyR said...

Ow, ow, ow! Sprains are not fun, I know. Neither are crutches if you are as unco-ordinated as me. Mind you, I don't think there can be many who are as unco as me. :) Glad to hear that you are coming right, now, though.

Spinning and knitting are looking really good. Even the scrappy spinning! :)

Well done on getting into Handmade 2011 - it is looking quite interesting with some very good speakers/lecturers/teachers.

adriene said...

Oy, sounds like a painful and frustrating time! I'm glad to see that at least your yarn is keeping you company, if not as much as you'd hoped. Glad to hear you're on the mend!

Shirley Goodwin said...

Take care, and watch those crutches on wet floors (ask me how I know!).