Saturday, December 11, 2010

Premature casting off

is what I did this week, cast off before I should, and only because I didn't think things thru, I've also dug out an unfinished project and made progress. Friday was my last day at work until the 3rd of February - yes 6 weeks off, one week more than the cubs. Of course being work, and as we are moving into a new office in an existing building that is about to be renovated ... I will be back in Monday to help pack up some of the equipment. I will be using most of my leave this summer because I've moved offices 5 times in 10 years, and every time it has been into a space that was renovated for us. I've learned that its best to stay away until the builders and co have stopped making loud noises and the power is on and the IT people have every thing connected. I think that knowing I was about to walk away from work for 6 weeks made me relaxed about my knitting .... which is good until mistakes happen. My good news is that Toby's latest 'lost' sweater came home, finally from camp - and it still fits! That is always a danger with cubs, it seems to only take them a matter of weeks to outgrow some things.

Thursday I knit Spiral Bound sock number two until the leg was as long as the leg on number one, then I worked the few extra rounds where the stitch count is adjusted to fit a 2x2 rib .... and worked the rib and cast off, and woven in all the ends. Only thing is that second sock ended up being a full 1 cm or more longer than the first sock. Turns out that I should have worked the leg of the second sock until it was 5 rounds shorter than the leg of the first sock ... as there are 5 more rounds before the rib starts. Doh! So I've frogged the top of the first sock, seems to make more sense to lengthen the short one than shorten the longer one.

And as it is summer I realize that is the best time to block large blankets. Last time I blocked it outside with tent pegs, and it worked well. To do that again I need to take advantage of the warm sunny weather .. which is now or in the next month or so. To do that I need to finish the blanket. First stage is to piece it together and stitch it together.

I used a more firmly twisted darker grey yarn to stitch it up.The stitch I used to join it is simple whip stitch, just over and over and over, thru both loops of the chain edges.

One done, the blanket sections just ease and fit into each other.Once the seams were done, I wove in all the ends. This yarn is a 6 ply thick yarn, and it made sense to weave them in after the seams were sewn. I split the 6 plies into 2's and sneaked the yarn tails into the garter bumps as neatly as I could.

The next stage is to pick up the loops of the slipped stitches around the edge and work an I-cord edge. I've got matching yarn in natural white to work the edge on this blanket. Last time I did that after it was blocked .... I'm not sure what I'll do this time, depends on the weather really.

And despite the fact that it is 20+ degrees, warm and sunny and we have all the windows open .. I notice the blanket has already been snaffled from the sofa I parked it on to await the edging. Its nice when the stuff I make is liked, really nice.

take care
make sure you have some yarn time, and I highly recommend finished long abandoned WIP's, its like an instant project, a few hours work and then its all done :D
na Stella

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Knitting Linguist said...

That's a happy-looking kidlet there! I can't remember - is this blanket for you all or for giving?

A long summer break sounds really good about now! I'm only a week and a half away from winter break, and I'm really looking forward to it :)