Thursday, August 26, 2010

Nearly there

Today has been a day of last minute stuff, getting this, sorting that, remembering those, and then laying all of it out and working out how to fit it sensibly into my borrowed suitcase. It is Friday, just after lunch, I leave mid morning tomorrow - final Destination Shetland! Which is really really exciting, except for the 38 hours and 50 minutes I'll be in transit. Living so far away is kind-a nice sometimes, a little distance is a good thing .. but then it is so far away. Of course attending an international hand knitting conference is worth all that economy class seating. And no .. I've not found the missing sock, so that project is totally on hold. The disappearance of the first knit sock is all very very strange.

So I have tickets, GBP, passport, my liquids and gels all in the little plastic baggie, and of course travel knitting. I've finished my presentation .. well as finished as it can be without continuing to polish it. I have all the images I need in place, and a few print outs which I'll read over and 'improve' the talk side of things before I present. I've also got company, on the trip Launa is coming with me, a local knitting guru so that is rather cool, and today it is a teacher only day so the cubs and I have a day together before I go. Of course they are too old and grown up for hanging out with Mum .. so are off playing in the living room.

I've packed my carry on, with little things that matter, two knitting projects, on in my favorite chicken knitting bag. I only had a wee bit of this fabric and managed to eek out 4 bags. Two even had chickens knitting chicken foot shapped socks ... which tickles my fancy somewhat. I've also put in a lace shawl knit by N, and my emergency knit tools, measuring tape, crochet hook, stitch markers.

Inside the chicken-knitting bag is my new project. I've had to be really strict with my self. I did decide to cast on all my projects before I left. Cat Mittens byJorid Linvik are fun and fast, so fast I had to stop myself knitting them completely before I left. I've changed the pattern a little, I love the twisted braids on some of the other mittens so added that to this one, a band at the cuff and another band above the cuff colour work. Looks like the sock yarn on 2.25mm needles with 60 stitches will be perfect for older cub. If I wanted to wear them myself I'd have to settle for a looser gauge or work with thicker yarn and larger needles. I can't wait until we leave NZ .. the longer plane flight will be perfect for settling into knit this.

My mindless knitting project is a home spun baby blanket with a little lace at the corners. So far it is plain between, and it might stay that way. Part of me is wondering if I can adapt the lace so it forms a grid ... but that might just be to hard for a mindless round and round project for when I'm tired. There is 700+ m of fingering weight handspun, 160grams, so it should make a decent sized blanket. My plan is to cast of with a garter stitch boarder inset with more of the lace panel. I am trying to keep it simple. My other project was to be Annis .. and I cast on and worked the first two rows but ... .it isn't going to be a knit to work while distracted ... so I'm leaving that until I'm back, sometimes what seems like a good idea in theory doesn't really work in practice, that is ok, I can adapt.

So to prevent me from knitting up all my travel knitting before I go I've reverted to the huge blanket project. This means there is progress .. only 5 squares to do! I'm on the home straight on this one, as I work around 2 squares a night ... so only a few more nights knitting and it will be done.

but I'm away in two sleeps ... and away for 13 days. I'm not taking the laptop, as I've no idea what sort of internet access I can find, and it just seems easier to use internet cafes to check into Ravelry and such. I probably won't post while away .. or if I do it will be short and picture-less. I'm back at work on the 13th September .... so expect the first return post then.

Until then
happy knitting ... wish me luck at least a little deep sleep on the plane .
na Stella


Wanderingcatstudio said...

Love, love, LOVE the chicken fabric. Where did you get it??? I have to have some - my grandma would love a knitting back with that fabric

KathyR said...

Chicken fabric from Chicken Run - so cute! I really love how the green pops against the blue/grey on the mitten. The braids are a really good addition, too.

Best wishes for a really great trip (and a refreshing sleep!).

Mary Lou said...

That conference looks wonderful. Wish I had seen it far enough in advance to consider going. HAve a safe sleepy journey.

Knitting Linguist said...

You'll have those mittens done before you reach England, no doubt about it :) Have an absolutely fabulous trip -- can't wait to hear all about it when you get back! (And I'm sending "sleep on the plane" thoughts, although a bit belatedly, as well as "good luck on the talk" thoughts -- I hope in time.)