Friday, August 27, 2010

Bear found the sock!

He did!
He really did!
It was tucked into the side pocket of the overnight bag I took away last week, and I had searched that bag over and over and over.
But Bear is like that .. he can find things
so now I can finish the second sock .. in fact I'm going to tuck it into my case and finish them while I'm away .. then I'm going to wear them.
I'd love to post a photo .... but its dark, its nighttime .... and you all deserve better images than I make in artificial light.

take care
na Stella - the one with the found sock :D


JustApril said...

WOW, how did you manage to raise a boy who can find things? I'm impressed!

KathyR said...

Yay for Bear! What would you do without him?

Sometimes men seem to be able to go over things a little more analytically (I think that's right?) whereas we women tend to panic a little more when our precious things are missing. Generalising here, of course.

Vintage Purls said...


Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm so glad. I sort of thought it would turn up. The times I've lost a sock while travelling, I've realised it just a little too late--as soon as the train pulls away from my station or I get through immigration and know that the sock is still (in SPITE of all they tell you) in the seat pocket in front of me. Whereas socks that just mysteriously disappear are usually to be found somewhere.

Enjoy the knit. (And I hope the last plane ride wasn't too bumpy.)

Knitting Linguist said...

Oh, frabjous day! That's great news :)

Ally Johnston said...

Always good to find something lost.