Sunday, July 11, 2010

First skein of the tour!

Yes, my first skein of the tour is done, with I hope 3 or 4 more to go. I've been knitting and spinning, more spinning than knitting really but making progress on things blue ... and things new. First up spinning,

My first skein of the tour, 286m of sport-ish weight Texel, 184g. I have a little under 200g still to spin and 3 more bobbins to ply .. so there will be more like this soon.

I had 'one of those moments', where I lost a yarn band and ended up turning the house upside down to find it. I did eventually find the yarn band - and also in the process this. Appears that I did in fact buy 700g of Texel not 500g - which would explain how I already had 5 bobbins with around 100g fibre on each and still fibre to spin left over.

We spend the weekend at my dads, so the little Gem came with me and I continued to spin at his house. End result is that I have now spun half the merino silk blend onto this bobbin, and have the other half to spin next.

Before we went away, and once we were back I have been knitting away on my last Nightingale .. look! Nearly there, the last bird is half formed. This is so exciting .. now I just want to buy blue shoes to wear with them and sit and knit until they are done .. but I cannot. I am still on leave this week and the cubs are in holiday program being socialized, but I have chores. First up this morning I lined all the living room curtains .. which they sorely needed. That should keep the living area a little warmer and easier to heat.

Which leaves me introducing my new project, Pattern: Rogue Roses by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee in a Socks that rock yarn designed for it. I needed a car-able knit for the long drive up to my dads and then again on the way home. Nightingale with its chart is not a great travel sock .. so I picked a new project from the sock drawer. I am loving this sock, the yarn is heavier than my usual sock yarn, but I'm still knitting it on 2.25mm needles. That is because I only took those ones with me .... I am loving the rosebuds, and the garter slip stitch heel all worked in purl stitches on every row! Very pretty inside and out. Bear pointed out it is a colour way much like my merino spinning - citrus.

So I'm off to find lunch, all on my own, no need to accommodate the tastes of any one else (oh how I do like being at home by myself sometimes), and do a little more tidying up around the house in preparation for starting a new project tomorrow. but I will keep spinning, the tour is still on. Tonight the local group has plans to actually spin while watching the tour - which should be great fun.

take care
na Stella


Shirley Goodwin said...

Look forward to seeing the Rogue Roses socks finished.

KathyR said...

A lovely skein of texel with the promise of more to come! I have a soft spot for texel, not that I have spun much but because we used to have a lovely texel ram once, in another life. It must have had black genes, too, as it left some lovely black lambs.

Your socks, of all descriptions, are looking lovely! You are so prolific, too. I seem to take months and months to produce just one pair.

Crafty Andy said...

Lovely spinning, still working on mine