Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Day four on the tour ...

I'm still here, still spinning and knitting .. still officially touring with the Tour de Fleece, although I suspect I've been riding along with the crowd neither shining as a leading light .. or dragging behind as a lost cause. I've spun two 100 g bobbins of Texel, one part bobbin of merino silk at spin night, and nearly a third bobbin of blue Texel. I thought I had 500g of the stuff .. but I've just weighed the remainder and there is 390 g left so I must have had a lot more than 500g before I started.

This is my place at the end of days one and two ... and wee bit of day three... Sunday, Monday Tuesday. 2 bobbins full. I have been spinning for a few hours each day .. and surprisingly have not had any aches and pains for it. I'm spinning on my big Grace wheel, with two treadles that work in sync ... which is supposed to mean the body balances as both legs work as one. So far so good ... although that hard Ashford spinning chair is a tad firm for hours of spinning.

This is my result for day four, mid-day on day four, I'm planning to finish this bobbin before the end of 'racing' today. I am so lucky to be on leave this week and the next and that means that I have time to spin during the day, sitting in the sun, the weak winter sun but the sun just the same. The cat, Yo-yo seems slightly perplexed(would that be purr-plexed?) that the whole family is home all day - every day right now, but seems to enjoy the variety of laps to settle into during the day - I had no idea she spent so much time sleeping in the sun.

Monday I spun a little silk merino .... I am finding it hard to have two things on two wheels that are being spun to different thickness singles. I find it easier to spin to the same consistency ... so this has ended up slightly thicker than I'd planned .. but that is how it goes with my spinning sometimes. I am loving the play with the pale orange, the yellow and the lime in this colourway ....refreshing and quite citrus.

And because there has to be knitting, there is progress on Nightingale, grand progress. Look! I'm past the heel, and working just above the ankle. I made a mistake and thought that there were 6 birds on each sock, when there are only four ... so I've now done nearly two of the four I need to work to complete this sock.

And here is the heel .... I did something odd as I worked it and had one stitch fewer on one side that I should .. but a little fudging and all seems well.

Ok .. I'm off to spin some more
na Stella

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