Saturday, February 06, 2010

No knit blog today

My dad visited, and he came with bounty from his garden. So instead of dealing with the hem on my 2nd Green Sweater swatch in order to soak and block it ... I have been dealing with a small mountain of fruit, and vegetables.

There is more, this is what the table looked like after I had sorted the plums and bagged up the softest 6 kg and put them in the freezer. The plums will be destined for Plum Sauce .... these apricots are for Apricot and Capsicum chutney, unless something else takes my fancy, I will leave the nicest ones for the fruit bowl. As well as this there were beans, several kilos of baby beetroot (currently simmering on the stove with spices and garlic and balsmic and dark sugar). He also brought carrots, potatoes, nectarines and a few yellow plums, plus a one kilo tub of his home made apricot jam.

Which means I'm no were nearer dealing with the swatch. It is off the needles, and now I need to stitch up the hem and block, and steek, and see if this one came it at gauge and make decisions if it didn't.

Take care
na Stella

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Knitting Linguist said...

Mmm... Apricots. I truly adore apricots. But I can see you had your hands full with all of that fruit!