Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I couldn't wait ... look, this is how Skew goes,

First there is really weird gusset increasing, initially at two points, but then there is shaping at a third point - at this point is all trust, and wonder

Then the grafting, where a wee flap thing forms thus ....

and then a few rounds to start the leg (and some gusset decreasing) - and there it is!
A heel!

Clever, clever, clever, I'm a fan of

Looks pretty good on the foot as well, I like, like very much. Its not easy photographing the heel of ones foot - the leg gets a bit scrunched up.

Note: I like my increases and decreases to line up in nice tidy lines, so I reversed the k2tog and ssk as written in the pattern, I suspect that has added one more structural line to the heel section ... but it works for me.

na Stella


Wanderingcatstudio said...

Nifty. That is one cool looking sock

Walden said...

Love how it is looking. I am making Skew also and am loving the construction!

Linda said...

Wow! Great photos.

KathyR said...

Looking good! I have some stripey Kaffe Fassett Regia which I thought might work for these socks. I was almost over the stripey-type socks (wondering what I would do with this wool) and then this pattern comes along - could be a perfect match.

grannyg said...

so glad you are test driving this for us all.;-) I agree it is one of those projects that demand to be cast on, I will be shortly as well!