Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Wednesday - Thursday ....

On holiday the days merge, well not merge so much as fuzz into days without names, we get up, we spend the day doing the things one does when there is no requirement to turn up for paid employment or in the case of the cubs ... no formal schooling type lessons. End result is that some days we ask each other what day it is ... and this morning I realized that it was Thursday, here in New Zealand, and I was overdue for a blog post. One of the reasons I was distracted yesterday was mail arrived, two boxes of mail, and you must realize what a treat it is to have mail in the mail box that is not a request for payment, nice mail not bills. So after the unpacking there is more knitting to look forward to, and more spinning to look forward to, a new spin toy, and yet still two wip* projects that I really really want done just so I can start new things.

In one package was 5 skeins of yarn, Briggs Little Sport 1 ply in Fir Green - perfect for, oh, say this. Yes, I splurged and ordered yarn to knit the 'latest' EZ cardigan. I'm being strong, feeling the urge to cast aside my current projects and cast on immediately .. but no, I'm attempting some patience, some calm order rather than urgent action. Wish me luck on that one.

In another package was some of the most beautiful fibre I've had the pleasure of fondling ... silver grey Jacob fleece from Joclyn. I am really looking forward to spinning this, I know she really enjoyed spinning this, and the preparation is beautiful, it looks and feels like it will just flow from my fingers to the wheel. Again I almost can't wait, but I will wait, I have some fibre swap corridale possum on one wheel, and gotland polwarth on another ... and really if I were to fire up a third wheel ... well the wheels might just fall off the tenuous control I have on my hobbies.

When I do start spinning this I have the perfect tool to continue to play with, this prettier than it really should be orifice hook. Another gift, from Suzanne, one that was almost eclipsed by the Signature dpns that they accompanied .. but one that I do appreciate all the same. The copper goes-with the wood of the Wing beautifully.

And knitting, the knitting that stands in the way of my casting on for a new project? My second sock grows, I'm past the rib and well into the leg chart .... and the second time around the chart is even easier to knit to, intuitive even. About the time I cast on with the dpns I wandered into the Remnants area of the Ravelry forums .... a very distracting place, way too distracting to go there often. But whist there I did take heed of a thread on missing dpns, the question being where do lost dpns go, and some answers included to play with all the missing socks lost in the laundry process. Part in reaction to that I dug around in my notions drawer (you know, a notions drawer, a drawer full of the things that 'go with' knitting), and rediscovered these cute little bears. An Addi product these gummy bear like point protectors have been working hard keeping my needles safe and secure. They came in sizes, all colour codes for different numbers and sets of needles.

The other knit project, Whisper grows, again, right now its not the most fun to knit, stocking stitch - flat, for 8 or so inches ... I think I'm about 4 inches in but I'm avoiding measuring it. I've found knitting grows slower if its measured regularly ....

The i-cord edge is turning out, or is that turning under, nicely.

Take care
na Stella

* Wip = Works in progress a simillar term to ONN or on-the-needles.


Knitting Linguist said...

I'm glad you like the fiber! And I love the yarn you got for the EZ sweater; that's a pattern that I've been planning to order, but I figure if I don't order it, then I can't abandon all my current projects to knit it immediately, which would be my temptation, too.

KathyR said...

Oooo, fabulous! EZ's sweater pattern is "on my list" to buy but I have been avoiding the temptation, so far. Is that the original yarn? You are soooo lucky! I hope that you will be knitting this one soon so that you can keep us informed of your progress as well as how the yarn performs. I'll be most interested!