Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Still not knitting

There hasn't been much knitting since the last post, not much at all. I sorted my stash, listening to back issues of Cast-On and reading the Yarn Harlots page a day knitting diary seemed to inspire me to sift thru the stash, the annual airing of the stash was mentioned in both places,. In part this was also a response to a growing pile of stuff in the back room that needed to be put away, and a need to find room to put it away.
So one day went as I hauled out all that I had, spinning and knitting and tidied it all away again. I did let some fibre go, all yarn was kept .. its all good stuff, but there is a lot and I did need a reminder of what I have. I followed this up with a WIP sift .. and finally frogged a swatch that wasn't going to progress any further, and I finished the hems and necklines, zips, and cords on all that I was sewing (2 new skirts, 2 new dresses, one hoodie, & some new Tees from Little Radiator - I got a spindle one Hard Core, some knitting ones Got Gauge, As Soon as I finish this row, and one listing Ravelry's most popular patterns. Dressed to knit and ready to go! Oh, and I finished the second spindle .. and found I have a lot to learn about making spindles.

So Frogged, one swatch, started September 17th 2008! Yes 2008, this one has been languishing in the Wip basket and for the last year in the hall cupboard for way to long. I love the yarn, I love the idea of the stole, Print o'the Wave, but it just wasn't what I wanted to knit, then or now. I can't explain it ... so its frogged. Well not actually frogged, not ripped out, but the yarn is back in stash and the pattern in a folder and the needles out. I'll put the two swatch halves with all the other swatches and trials.

And the second spindle, this one is centered and a classic red with white spots fungi. I realize that I have a lot to learn with these ... there are things that could be much better. but they work, and at 22g are lace weight spindles. Plus once they have a load of singles on them like all spindles they settle down and spin much better.

I enjoyed painting them, complete with gills and spots. I've named them using Latin species names so the Brown on is Psilocybe LBM (Little Brown Mushroom), and the red Amanta Muscaria. I'm away to collect the cubs latter today, and back tomorrow, just a quick trip, then off for the weekend returning to Bear Monday night .. so there will be frantic packing and repacking and early morning flights .. and work Tuesday. If you are in Greytown .. and knitting at the Joy of Yarn Garden Party this weekend .. I'll be there to, knitting and spinning and generally having fibre fun. I'm enrolled in a Pimp-your-socks workshop, and might even start a new portable sock. Imagine that - me knitting a sock on the go, one without charts?

take care


Knitting Linguist said...

Pimp your socks! I love it! I can't wait to see what you end up with :) The spindles are darling, btw. Have a safe trip to get the cubs and a fun weekend!

Lindsay said...

Those spindles are so pretty!

Also in love with that shade of red/orange for the Print o'the Wave.

opakowana said...

It's difficult NOT to fall in love with those spindles!