Tuesday, August 04, 2009


is how this post will go, I'm packing two bags, one to take away at 5:20 am tomorrow morning , Yup -I'm as shocked as you are but that really is the pick up time to get to the airport and catch the plane. the other bag is for Saturday, I return Friday night, and Saturday I leave for a 2 day knitting retreat. I am terrified I'll forget something in the rush, like oh ... you know undies or Pj's or real my stove top espresso.
I've been knitting the second sleeve on Toby's gansey, and I've added a bit, there is still a bit to go. I hope there will be progress by the next post, next week. Because of knitting camp I'll not get a chance to post Sunday.

I've also been practicing my Tambour work, and look I can Tambour fabric that isn't see thru! I'm amazed. Two ladies came to to work this week to sell on a departed friends stash .. and in the mix of things I got some scraps of this blue wool. Its a little like a blanket, with a slight open weave and the colour was enough to prompt me to go off to a local embroidery shop and find a skein of hand dyed to suit. I needed to order tambour hooks in the two larger sizes to work with this weight of cotton .. but so I'm managing with the largest hook I have. I'm really pleased with this, and feel a little more practice and I'll be able to work a scarf in squiggles. The blue wool fabric is very soft .. and while there isn't much, there possibly is enough for a short scarf. Who knows a few more weeks or months and I might even be at a stage that I feel ready to attempt bead-work and sequins.

Thursday and Friday I'm off to our annual professional educators conference, and then camp .. For which I've done a little prepareation. I've fond a beaded wrister, Rani, in the latest knitty that could be a cuff for Poppy's ballet cardigan. I'll have to work it smaller, as seven year olds have skinny wrists .. but if I knit two and then pick up on one edge .. it would work as the cuff of a sleeve won't it? I also put together a little tutorial for Puncetto braid .. as there is a show and tell session. I'll try and make a video for the next post or two just in case others want to know how, a quick google showed very little on Puncetto lace, and nothing on Puncetto braid and yet it is a simple rhythmic system of making quite pretty braid.

ok .. off to pack and check that I have everything I need, and to bed early
na Stella


Suzanne said...

The tambour work in variegated thread looks absolutely beautiful! It would make a lovely scarf. Well done! Good luck with the conference and have a wonderful time at the retreat(as you have probably deduced from our recent exchanges on Ravelry, I had it mixed up with the upcoming open house event). Feel free to send me a cyber-smack for inattention.

Suzanne said...

Hold that thought about the cyber-smack. I just remembered that NZ is considering legislation outlawing spanking! :-)

Knitting Linguist said...

I left the house at 5:15 this morning myself -- hideous, isn't it? I hope the conference goes well!

I'm loving the way that tambour work is turning out -- the colors are gorgeous, and would look fabulous on you as a scarf, I hope there's enough :)

KathyR said...

The variegated tambour work is lovely! Looking forward to hearing more about the Punchetto lace in the weekend (yes, I'll see you there!). I found Rani, too, and am contemplating making them - but just as wristlets. What a good idea to use them as a starting point for sleeves. Very cunning!