Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Again so close .. and yet....

not there yet. As usual in the final throws of a project, I've become quite project monogamous, working solely on Bayerische. I think I'm on my last repeat of the pattern across the instep before decreasing away 12 or so stitches and working the toe. You might have noticed I've frogged the toe on the first sock, as that sock is too long ... for my foot. The foot of Bayerische is knit until a complete pattern repeat before decreasing out 12 stitches in pattern so the toe doesn't flare once the twisted traveling stitch pattern ceases. Problem is a complete pattern repeat is around 1.5 inches, and for me I needed to stop knitting well before the pattern repeat was done. I need to remove at least one inch of the foot, maybe more - when I tried these on with shoes ... it was clear the sock foot was too long. Having already knit a toe ... I understand what the decreases are doing and I'm sure I can work the 12 decreases into the pattern on whatever round I need to.

I've had a good few days at work so far this week, I don't know if anything is sorted but I know what I think and have accepted there are different practices and approaches (even if mine is the better for lots of reasons). Like many academics I tend to feel most problems can be solved by ordering a few good books, partly as evidence to back up an argument, but also to check in with current practices. So that is what I've been doing. Berg had a summer sale and I was able to pick up 5 titles for 5 GBP each (sorry can't find the pound symbol only the dollar sign) each, then I decided that there was a gap in my library around different approaches to draping for design so I went on a bit of a splurge. End result I've got Draping : Art and Craft in Fashion Design by Annette Duburg & Rixt van der Tol coming from Germany, it looks wonderful, and two others (Building Patterns by Suzy Furrer & the School of Subtraction Cutting by Julian Roberts) coming from the Center for Pattern Design(CPD). Ed, at the CPD has been great, even to the point of checking out the weather and time zone difference between where he is and where I am. Plus I have a second hand copy of Draping for Fashion Design by Hilde-Jaffe and Nurie Relis
coming from Amazon - gotta love the prices of those second hand books. I'm sure nothing fundamental has changed since I learned how to drape - but there are always fresh approaches and different methodologies to try.

so that is me, checking the mail box, although It will be next week before any arrive, 8-14 days international shipping, in the meanwhile I'll be knitting the same socks as I have been for the past 100+ days .. and taking it easy
na Stella


Knitting Linguist said...

I recognize that end-of-project push -- they're looking gorgeous, and you're SO close! I'm glad that things at work are feeling a bit more settled, that can be a relief, if only because it stops taking up so much spare mind space.

KathyR said...

Some people drink - you buy books! ;) I'm totally with you! Glad things are feeling a little calmer for you, though.

So close on Bayerische. I'm sure you will be able to get the toe right. Nothing as uncomfortable as a sock that is too long - unless, of course, it is a sock that is too short. Can't wait to see them finished!

Vintage Purls said...

Are we there yet?

The suspense is killing me!