Tuesday, May 05, 2009


It is going to work .... with enough yarn to work both colour work sock tops and some edge finish!
Yey (Yeay ? Yeah? Yay? ok so spelling isn't a strong point ... but if you were all here for the spelling ... well lets not go there ...).

I worked the chart, a then 6 rounds of garter stitch in the 3 colours as in the original sock .. that is 1 ridge of each colour. But ... yuk, well nice sock not such a sophisticated top finish ... so this morning I frogged the garter cuff edge, took out the cast off and frogged it all back to the colour work and started a corrugated rib band. I also dropped down a needle size - the garter gaped a little to much. The ribbing fits just fine.

So tonight I'll finish this, I think about an inch of ribb and then perhaps a row (ridge) of colour work .. and look!

knee highs - or very nearly ! And yes .. next time I photograph them - I will make sure the cables are on straight - I was in a hurry - I had to go to work, and drop the kids at school, and ... you know morning rush and all.

I'm one happy knitter ...and two more bags sold .. and I got the nicest message via ravelry from one of the buyers so all warm and fuzzy inside, and the next Winter VP sock club sign up date is now announced so I'm ready to pounce ... ready .. ready ... and I sent off my New Zealand Fiber swop parcel .. so feeling sort of under control and happy and relaxed. I like those feelings. And I got a whole lot of marking done today ... life is good :-)
more next week ...
na Stella


JustApril said...

Well it's absolutely wonderiferorous! =) YAAY lol

I really love the colorwork!

Suzanne said...

Life is indeed grand when one hits 'the sweet spot'. So glad everything is clicking for you and the sock and project bags are a success. In case I gave you the impression that I have sworn off socks for good, I am still working on Theodora of an evening. In the rib on both socks, I am nearly done, but get sleepy too quickly to make much progress. This must be the longest I have ever taken to knit a pair of socks!

Knitting Linguist said...

Under control and relaxed -- what a great feeling! The socks are gorgeous, I love the way they worked out, and how fun that they're knee-highs, just as winter is coming on :) Congratulations on the bag sales, too -- I can see why they're popular!! :)


pretty pretty! i've not seen any like that. you aught to post the pattern in ravelry! i love knee hi socks...they are like a barrier between my spints and my legs!