Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sheer Madness ....

Yes, absolute madness, others have said it and I'm repeating it, knitting a sock with 116 stitches, half of them twisted, four charts, pattern work every round ... on 2mm needles, and then repeat for sock two. Madness ... and its begun, and I love it. Today is a short-post-day, I've spent the day playing with yarn and needles in a knitting workshop, and tomorrow will be the same ...but I can't escape the madness ... its pulling me in, and tonight I want to knit some more on my pickle green sock. Today's workshop was by Lynne Johnson, and was called Two Yarn Tango, tomorrow its Lynne again, with Knitting Choobz ...(no that is Lynnes spelling not mine). I'll round up my samples and show you what I've got in the weekend, but now, its all about Bayerische.

I'm one and a half pattern repeats in, having cast on the pattern number plus the recommended 16 extra for calf shaping if knitting knee highs, so a total of 116 stitches. I took time to rework the increases and surprised myself by successfully having the pattern grow out out of the single twisted rib on my first attempt, just like the calf length original. I've got 200g of VP In a pickle sock yarn. My last pair of knee highs weigh 134g - so I should have plenty even though twisted stitches on teeny tiny little needles eat yarn.
and why am I knitting such madness? Its because they are beautiful, and something EJ wrote on her site about twisted stitches,

"They're so satisfying, you know? So tiny and orderly and lovely. I've found that when my brain is in danger of melting altogether and dribbling out my ears, a couple repeats of Bavarian-style twisted stitch patterns set everything right. All the little lines are so graceful and logical, so tidy, so totally devoid of chaos. What you see is precisely what you get - and it doesn't hurt, I suppose, that what you end up getting is almost always really, really beautiful."
And you know, I'd have to agree, you would think these would be an absolute pain to knit, to twist each and every knit stitch, and to twist most of them around another stitch in a different direction most rounds ... but no, its strangely methodical, calming, with a powerful sense of putting order into something. Now that is something I like to add to my day, a small space where I'm in charge of the neat and orderly execution of something. Any guesses how long my infatuation phase will last?

And a final close up of the colour work on my last socks .... with an image of the stranding inside.

... because I took them to spinning on Monday, and every single spinner in the room flipped the top down and examined the inside. Honest they did, and I don't mind, I would too if they were some one elses socks, it was fun to watch. I'm going to take them to Take Back the Knit Thursday, and Guild show'n'tell on Saturday ... do you think they will do the same? I think most will, if they are knitters. And then I thought if all those knitters flipped the cuff down to inspect the floats ... well I'd let you all do the same ... in the virtual knit-blog world its almost as good as touching the yarn, almost.

take care
na Stella



uh, have you thought about doing 2 on 2 circs?

pretty work...not for me, i have old eyes...but you dos good! let me know if you need to borrow my glasses though!

Stell said...

two at once on two circs :o
now that is true madness ...

Vintage Purls said...

"every single spinner in the room flipped the top down and examined the inside"

Well I'm guilty as charged but it wasn't about examining your technique or how tidy you are, it's just a general admiration for yarn and colourwork - I dunno, it seems wrong not to admire a piece from all angles. :)

JustApril said...

I love looking at the back too, but just because I think it looks cool. But I had to laugh out loud that everyone did that. hilarious

The new sock is really pretty, too.

and I love the 2 by 2 method =)) even though it does make progress seem slow - but at the end BAM two socks all done.

Knitting Linguist said...

Ooh, you are brave! but it looks like it's SO worth it -- they're gorgeous, and sometimes your brain just needs a knit like that, where everything lines up logically :)

I love that everyone looked at the inside of the colorwork -- I would have done the same thing! :)