Saturday, July 19, 2008

Remember back when I knit socks?

Well, I do still knit socks, even though it seems to have been an age since I actually knit on a sock. Today I surprise both you and I with some sock progress, spurred on by the 2nd installment of Vintage Purls sock club (and very pretty it is to). I spent the last three days of last week at one of those self awareness personal development courses, Friday involved abseiling (yes it is spelt right), and meditating on an outside solo - it is winter here and we had 2 days warning of Friday's events. So what did I do? I knit me some Fetchings. Yes give a knitter 2 days notice of cold outdoor activity and they can knit themselves warm. My feather and fan grows, and a very nice piece of tatting came my way this week.

So socks, I'm still knitting up the first of the first sock club socks, Toasty. Toasty has a short row heel, which I have knit in the past, and was once a big fan of, but now my preference for sock heels lies more in a gusset and flap heel. Oh - yes, I do have a pretty clear idea of how geeky that sounds, when a person has a sock heel preference, but we are talking Knitting here, and to be specific Knitted socks, and I came to terms with my geekiness long ago. Notice my deliberate use of capital K in Knitting?

So I planned to knit Toasty with a gusset heel based on the math used in Widdershins, but then some thing I had read keep playing in my mind. CB suggested in her New Pathways that the gusset increases could go anywhere, and I'm so so tempted by Francie by Rebekkah Kerner, well my internal experimental geek said 'lets try this repositioning the gusset thing - Now!'. So there you go, I'm centering the gusset increases around the middle 3 sole stitches - and working my way towards the heel cup and heel flap. I'll keep you all posted how this turns out.

and the spark for me to pick up Toasty again? Vintage Purls released her 2nd installment of the winter 08 sock club. Isn't it yummy, the yarn and sock are called Honey, the package comes all wrapped up in brown paper and string (favorite things anyway), and with little sock needle sized stitch markers, and a box of Jaffa's. These are an oddly named chocolate centered orange candy coated lolly sold in New Zealand, there are traditions about rolling these down the wooden stairs in old movie theaters. Very vintage.

And my new Fetchings, I've knit these before, and as before I seemed unable to follow the pattern. Last time I knit them longer, and they were a gift for Toby's last Motessori teacher. This time the Fetchings were for me and I added a thumb gusset. The yarn was a beautiful silky heavy yarn from the Aspen Alpaca Company and is 100% baby alpaca. The skein label says the yarn was from two Alpaca - Magic and New Moon. Thank you Suzanne for this yarn, I hope I have finally put it to good use.

and even though I am back to knitting socks, my lace scarf still grows. See?
Feather and Fan - one pattern row every 4th row, very easy - as long as I count and don't split my stitches.

Late last week I caught up with another internet knitting friend, Suzanne, and we talked by phone for ages, or maybe that was the week before - time seems to flow fast right now. In addition Suzanne has sent me this lovely little tatted masterpiece of a bookmark. I am in awe, and just in case you are not suitably impressed,

below is the Tatted bookmark on my current knitting,

Well its Sunday, the sunday before school starts back after a 2 week break. So i should go and make sure the cubs are fed and to bed early and bags are ready for tomorrow and all the rest of the things that need doing (knitting/spinning).

Take care .. Stella


Angelika said...

There should always be enough time to squeeze in a pair of socks, right? Your feather and fan looks great and I might just use that as a "travel/moving project" for myself to keep me busy on the road soon. The book mark looks so delicate. Tatting is on thing I never got around to learning yet, but who knows.

neurula said...

Your lacy scarf looks so pretty! I am so enamoured with the feather and fan stitch at the moment, I'm thinking that after I finish my Mum's Liesl I might make one for myself..

Sarah said...

You know, no matter how many posts I read from you, I am always shocked at your ability to make the gorgeous things! The scarf looks great and the tatting is quite impressive. I also like the soft but rugged quality of your Fetchings. I ADORE those socks. In fact, I kind of covet them in an unhealthy way...Is there anyway for a mere mortal to get their hands on the pattern?

Knitting Linguist said...

So much to comment on! The socks are looking lovely -- I am still completely charmed by those colors together. I can't wait to hear how your gusset experiment turns out (I've been planning one of my own; we'll have to compare notes). And your lace is looking gorgeous! Your yarn is perfect with feather and fan, that's going to be a real keeper, and so toasty warm around your neck for the rest of winter :)

TattingChic said...

I love the tatted bookmark. I recognize that pattern from Mary Konior's book. It's "black magic" my favorite pattern of Mary Konior's. That blue is a very nice color. Happy Tatting! (and knitting)

juliet said...

those socks are fabulous - the yarn looks exquisite and I love that zingy colour - is NZ cold at the moment? (I'm heading to Chch in a couple of weeks and my sister is telling me scare stories about how cold it is - though whether this compares to Scotlands version of cold I don't know)