Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Done, blocked, finished!

and we have been watching old Muppet snippets on u-tube so you will have to excuse me for including this, its had us all giggling tonight as a treat before bedtime, some more than others. I'm not sure how your day has been - but every one needs a nice simple laugh some time, so go on enjoy this little simple treat.

sorry about that, but I can't believe it was made in 1969, very nearly older than me! and my two cubs laugh as much as I remember laughing when I watched as a kid.We have been watching others, Huga Wuga has been nearly as good - although as a parent I realise all of these are really bullies in disguise.

but this blog is about knitting, so lets move on to knitting, specifically my knitting, or me knitting a lace scarf in feather and fan. Does any one get the idea I might be procrastinating, or delaying - well I just might be, last night I finished knitting my scarf, grafted the joining seam, wove in the ends, blocked it leaving it out to dry overnight, this morning I took photos before leaving for work and here they are. Now be warned, it was dark until 8:30am or latter this morning, and I left for work at 8ish, so these photos were taken inside, and are not the best I've ever taken. I've turned them black and white in the hope of making them better. Now that sounds like a theme - a running apology thru this post, and that maybe, but its just I like to do good stuff, and need to excuse the not so good. Thats just me.

I'd have to say that I love the pattern and love the yarn I spun and absolutely loove the silk, alpaca, merino and mohair blend Jenni gave me - but I'm a little disappointed in the actual scarf, or more precisely my execution of it. Firstly the pattern had the two ends grafted together in the middle, and I did that according to the instructions, even grafting in moss stitch across the borders, but I think that method lacks elegance. There has to be a better way. I don't have the heart or the yarn to re work the center - and between you and me that graft is not in the center anyway. And no non knitter and many knitters won't even notice that - especially when I wear it. I'll call it a knitting learning lesson and be proud that my blog is honest enough to include the not so perfect and the 'look what I learned' items at times.

The graft is off center because I divided my hand spun up into two even balls using scales and my handspun is not even enough to do that. Far from even, the graft is off center by at least a third of the scarfs length - which Bear pointed out means the join is not centered on my neck and less noticeable. Did I mention that there are times I really like Bear? Maybe a few more rows of stocking stitch in the middle would made the grafted section blend to the feather and fan better, or fewer rows? What do you think? Any suggestions?

As well as the in-elegant graft join of the two sections of the feather and fan scarf, there are two extra holes in the wrong place. Part of me is pleased that it is only two, and part now understands that with lace not everything is apparent until the blocking - and then it is very apparent. So this hole is in the wrong place ....

as is this one.

But I checked and its only those two, until I go to knit night and some one finds a dropped stitch or another misplaced hole ...

so take care, I'm off to start something new, colour work with handspun ... I'll show next time .. promise


ily said...

I had the same issue with the grafting in the middle on the clementine shawlette... which now that my mother has received I should really post on the blog, but anyway I feel ya. Also is there any really good reason not to knit one long feather and fan scarf? Meaning is the seaming necessary at all?

I like your handspun, impressively thin ;) is it 2 ply?

Oh and also what do you block on? I need something better than my floor and a towel or 2!

Knitting Linguist said...

We love the Muppets, too, in this house -- always good for a giggle or a belly laugh.

The scarf looks lovely -- I can't believe this is your first lace! I know what you mean about the grafting in the middle, though -- I'm never happy with that solution, and don't often knit scarves where I have to do that. Sometimes it's possible to pick the stitches up and knit the other way, but there's no way to avoid the fact that there's a distinct middle, and it shows. Your laceweight handspun looks absolutely amazing knitted up, though!

Desiknitter said...

Beautiful! The handspun is really even! I see what you mean about the grafting line - do you think that instead of starting at the edges and meeting in the middle, you could start with a provisional cast on, knit from the middle in one direction, then pick up the provisional stitches and knit in the other? I wonder if that would produce a more invisible join.