Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Nice hat - but what about the mitten?

Wednesday, blog day, and I know I said there would be no knitting other than my twined mitten until it was done, but .... well, I didn't keep my word. Shoot me or hit me with pointy sticks, but its just knitting. I knit something else, not only that but I started something else, yes I did. So today I'll introduce my new knitting project, tell you what I'm up to with the mitten and why the mitten-knittin stopped, and leave you with a video showing making and knitting up backwards loop increases.

Koolhaas hat, by Jared Flood, Erika temped us all a few weeks ago by showing us her finished Koolhaas hat at knit night. Then this week it snowed, just a little off and on Tuesday. Bear rugged up to take the morning bus in the cold cold weather and, well lets face it, he has very little hair and only one really warm hat. Unfortunately it was a bit of a gag gift from his brother, for it is a tartan shooting hat with fake fleece lining and real leather ear flaps. Now when a man of a certain age and body type wears a hat like that, every body, and I do mean every body tends to call him Elmer Fudd. Thats just not nice, my Bear needed a new hat, and I felt like knitting Koolhaas. I rummaged around in my stash and found some Hummingbird Ikaros 12 ply which matches in tension to that required and cast on Tuesday night. Its a quick knit, just look at my progress although much of this did happen in the fracture clinic and physio waiting rooms with Toby today. This hat is a nice knit, I feel one in a more girly colour coming on next for me - or would that make Bear and I one of those couples that start to dress a like?
Now I do know that at least 1,721 people have already knit this, and that is just the ones on Ravelry, and I'll be 1,722nd, but this is a very nice hat, after all 1,947 people have it in their queue. I'm not entirely sure why its important to know how many other people are knitting it, or wanting to knit it, kind of geeky unless I was Jarad Flood, but Ravelry allows us knitters to see info like that.

Now why wasn't I knitting the mittens? The ones I said I would knit until they were done, well I wanted to show some one the live stitches ready to go around the thumb, before I knit up the thumb, so they are on hold. But I have finished the fingertips and grafted the tip, so have only the thumb to do. I've also been spinning a little and after this post I will return to finish plying my lovely blue/purple/red/teal/black/cream Lincoln Romney singles. I am hoping I will have enough to knit a scarf with. The latest spin off arrived, and there are some tempting things in there like the variations on the scarf shown on the front cover - perhaps just right for the plying I'm going back to? I like that magazine, it makes me confident that I can spin for garments, and the mitten patterns seem the perfect solution to the pile of 100g of this and 200g of that fiber that I have collected over the last few months. I have also been dithering around looking for a new project, and am thinking of lace. there are a few things that tempt me, this for example.

And lastly, a technique video showing the backwards loop increases I've used in my BSJ. I explain and talk as I knit, so there is probably not much to add.

ok - so tomorrow i battle the excel beast at work, building a better spreadsheet for marking, and I redesign the booklet our students get for their final paper, tonight I ply and post, and Tuesday I'm on leave for a week and a half, glorious leave, and I've got a guest coming.
So take care, I will


Angelika said...

I can't blame you to have to knit a couple of other stitches inbetween, especially in an emergency situation like this. But I do think Elmer Fudd is kinda cute :). I knit a PotW Shawl a while back, but didn't graft mine, just knitted it one direction all the way.

Knitting Linguist said...

You are a good wife to take care of the Elmer Fudd problem so promptly, and with such a nice hat! I hope that the visits to the dr were to remove the cast? Or for checkups?

I'll be there soon!!

Erika said...

Careful, Stella--that Koolhaas pattern is addictive.--Erika

neurula said...

My bf has pre-approved any and all Jared Flood patterns for himself - he's keen on me knitting him a Cobblestone.. and I'm tempted. It looks so easy! But, alas, there are many things I want to knit for myself first. Does that make me selfish? Heh. Oh and I'm looking forward to seeing sock books tonight! [not-so-subtle reminder :)]