Saturday, June 28, 2008

finished! finished! finshed!

Yes - three finished items, which means its one of those manic posts where I say look at this, and this, and this, and this ... and you wonder if I even slept since the last post. Well, I did sleep, and I did go to work, and I even hosted Toby's 9th birthday party, so cleaned house, and yes, I knit some, and spin some and no - I am not on drugs, just a coffee or two a day.

The first of the finished items is Bears hat, Koolhaas by Jarad Flood. Erika warned me these were addictive, and she is right, I already feel the pull to knit up another smaller for me, in a paler creamy grey version of the same yarn. So from go to whoa a fast 4 days. And now Bear no longer has Elmer Fudd comments (if you are interested here is the before photo).

and the crown, now I do have to admit for some reason the pattern instructions didn't work out for me. I frogged the crown several times, but then just winged it and worked in decreases in pattern as I went and it finished out ok. I can't find anyone else who had this problem, so its probably just me.

And my mittens, all done, all twined and ends kitchenered closed and woven in and felted slightly and warm and light, and wonderful. Can you tell I am just so happy with these mittens. They were hard work, and at times seemed plain and quite unspectacular, but now - I'm in love with them. In real life the grey has touches of blue and pink and green, and is a lot warmer than this shows.

And spinning, last post I was off to ply, and ply I did, and the result is done. I mis-represented the fiber last post, it is in fact 400g of English Leister and Romney hand dyed in the lock by Margaret Ruck of Waikari Wools. I spun a ply from each 200g bag of fiber and plied these together, but interestingly ended up with one pale skein and one dark skein. Still they work well together, I've got 424m, so enough for a shimmery scarf. This week I am on leave, so will be able to spin on Wednesday morning at the guild spinning, I'm quite looking forward to that - I've got some special blend from Jenni that is white and shimmery to work on, its got silk in it.

This is not-my-Toby's blanket, I knit it for him before he was born, and before I knew he was going to be another Toby. I blogged the whole process, collaborating with his mum Gill, about the fair isle pattern, and the steeking and the boarder. Gill sent this with a note that her Toby was nearly out of his crib and the blanket had done Stirling duty. She gave me permission to share this image of the blanket with her Toby.

And finally, I warned you this post was a bit manic, here is the last FO, number 3 (the second twined mitten was number one, the skein of yarn number two making this number three - the blanket was finished ages ago so doesn't count). Its only one of a pair of mittens, but it is finished. So far this year Bear has a new hat and scarf, and from last year Toby has his lined mittens and his hat, and Poppy has her hat but has lost one of her mittens - since I'm still dithering around what lace or/and sock to knit and I procrastinated further with a Mystery sideways mitten by EZ from Knitting around. Knit on 4mm its to be a mitten for an adult, I knit mine on 3.25mm with some yarn that Poppy and I had dyed a year ago, with Sour Grape drink mix. Its pretty scratchy yarn but I feel obligated to use it given Poppy was involved. I doubled the yarn but the mitten ended up to large. I felted it to shrink it a little, and I'll knit another one, but its still to big. Perhaps a visiting girl child in need of mittens will need these, or they could live in Poppy's drawer for the next year.

So thats me, no further along in deciding what lace to knit, I suspect as I'm on holiday and trekking around for the next few weeks I'm reluctant to start something with a complicated chart till I feel settled. So perhaps I'll just continue to muck around with little fast projects for a bit longer. I've just downloaded Odessa by Grumperina because Ana was wearing such a nice one last Thursday.

Last day of work tomorrow, then 2 weeks of leave before I have to go back, can you tell I'm smiling already?
Take care - Stella


Erika said...

I just PM'd you on Ravelry about the Koolhaas decreases: no, in fact, you're not the only person who had problems. In my case, though, the difficulties came from not reading the instructions. The decreases don't happen in quite the regular way I assumed. They worked out on the second try.

Diantee said...

Wow, lots of good work going on here. I love the twined mittens, so beautiful with the border. Just in time for the cold too.

Shirley Goodwin said...

Have a great break!

juliet said...

I love your knitty - it is so yummy and classy and just an all round gorgeous combination of pattern and colour. I love the hat and the baby blanket is bound to be a special hierloom