Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Salto take 2

Not much knitting going on around her, Poppy, smallest bear turns 6 on Saturday, well Friday but the party is Saturday. So there is a giant monkey to paint for the 'feed the monkey a banana' variation on pin the tail on the Donkey game, Bananas to buy, cakes to make, loot bags to fill - all while fending of an exited nearly 6 year old who almost can't wait. We have the number of days remaining counted out loudly several times over breakfast alone. Amongst all this frenzy I have looked in my WIP basket, to find, one mitten, two nearly done socks and a part cardigan. For now I'm being strict with myself, I need to finish one of these before I start something new, and Salto socks it is. Last - while responding to a comment left on one of my U-tube videos I found three new to me purl variations - Thumb purling, so I'll share those at the end.

Remember that I had to frog salto sock one to score enough yarn for sock two, well things got a little more complicated. To make sure the two socks end up exactly the same I have frogged probably past where I needed to and am now knitting both socks at once on two circs from a center pull ball. Don't ask, please do not ask, for it may all come out in the wash, or it may all be revealed latter, or my true hope - that in the grand scheme of knit socks, it is not important why this pair of Salto need be knit this way this time. For the past few days the magic sort of went, as I frogged, de-kinked the yarn, wound the surplus onto a ball, sorted the socks onto 2 circs, and got the yarn ends and frogged rows to be the same places on both socks. Now I'm knitting the cables again the process is much more enjoyable, fun even, I'm smiling not frowning while working these.

And my background knitting is still the alpaca plain knit flat stocking stitch torso that will one day be my Tangled Yoke Cardigan. I'm now at nearly 22 cm, of I think - 40 cm to the under arm point. At this rate, I'll have Tangled Alpaca for Spring in New Zealand, or maybe next winter?

And Purling by thumb, an accidental find on U-tube, that I thought I would share. The first Purl by thumb is pretty cool - but I'm not about to start including my thumb in the purl mix yet (gotta add that yet). Fellow knit nighter, P at Take Back the Knit purls with her thumb, which is why these caught my interest. Now if I tried, I think I would be all thumbs, at least at the beginning - pun intended :-).

and the second is named the Quick method. I do apologise a little for all this gratuitous linking to u-tube, but this thumb purling is pretty cool ....who knew there were so many variations? The video shows both knit and purl, so keep watching for the purling thumb.

and a third which also uses the thumb, again keep watching past the demo of knitting to see the thumb purl, and I don't even want to think about the faint commentary in the background, cow what?

take care, - if you are passing by Saturday and want to join in the banana monkey themed party, we will be in the house with yellow balloons on the gate. Balloons tied to the gate, the international symbol for Party inside.


Knitting Linguist said...

I love the idea of a banana monkey themed party! Feed the banana to the monkey, ye gods -- what a fun idea :) Happy birthday to Poppy from all of us!

KathyR said...

I finally got my head around the purling with the thumb method (it helps if you have the knitting in your hands at the same time as you watch the video and that you watch the video at the same time as having knitting in hand, not doing either one or the other!). I think it would be a viable method for larger blocks of purl but not the ribbing I'm involved with at the moment. Too much switching around of the yarn.