Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pride go-eth and all that, & a FO!

This week is mad, mad I tell you, mad. I was out Tuesday night (spinners and weavers guild), Wednesday is 'wheel compare & repair' night (spin tech-geeky fun - with a friend who bought a Wing like mine and wants the detail on cleaning the inside bits), tomorrow is knit night ... and work and study needs mean not enough computer time right now. And I have a little moan, in good heart, but a moan all the same. I nearly didn't post today but this blog is my knitting diary, where I think about what I've done, the decisions made and the results, so here goes ..

Poppy's 2nd girl friend shrug (modified) is finished, started 20th Feb 2008, finished 15th March 2008, needle size 3.25mm, ribbing on 2.75mm. To fit girl 6-8 years old.
Used my own merino ply hand spun, food dyed in skeins.
Knit in the round, from the center back out, not the cuffs up.
Provisional cast on half required stitches, and then used a half raglan increase to widen enough to fit sleeve/upper arm.
Used my standard cuff decreases, done quarterly, in the round every 3 rows.
Embroidered little daisies around shrug opening
extended ribbing to 1" past wrist, put in a 1" split, and knit 1" past that. Result is a 3" turn back, 2 years of growing room, and thumb holes.

And the garter baby blanket, I'm half way there, Baby is a few weeks away, but the mum-to-be looks tired, and her midwife said the baby was going to be an 11 lbd'er. She is philosphicall about that, the last baby was 9.5 lbs, and arrived safe and gently. Still I'm hoping to finish this soon, in an just in case manner.

The guild meeting was good, but if there is one thing teaching has taught me repeatedly, never assume to much, check it out. I've learned to make sure I know my students knowledge and skill sets before I make suggestions, its just easier and nicer that way.

I enjoy the meetings, they are quite formal, like an old fashioned community meeting, committee at a table in front, and members with chairs in rows (but some sit in the back row and knit), and speakers and minutes and agenda items, and reports. I think that must be required to meet some tax exemption or bank fee exemptions. We new ones were introduced, but didn't get to introduce ourselves, just waved rather royally when our names were read out. What I was a little miffed at was the question directed specifically at the new members (who are all experienced thinking knitters) after the floor talks. It was asked if the new people understood the 'new and technical terms' used, like ... well blocking. We all nodded and said we understood, but the question was repeated, and clarified just to make sure, did we know what blocking was or should some one explain it? One of the newbies suggested where they could buy blocking wires to use instead of pins, so I think she was quite good at actively 'demonstrating' her non-beginner status. I wish I had done that. After the meeting another member came up as we cleared away the chairs and wanted to know if we had 'learned lots of new things', my answer was 'I knew much of it, but it was nice to have it reinforced', but my answer was clearly wrong. After all I was 'new' therefore I must be a beginner, I couldn't possibly know about the delights, advantages and mysteries of blocking.

It would have been nice to introduce ourselves, to give some indication of our skills, or better yet for some one to talk to the members who knew us and our work and then for our introductions to the group to be more meaningful, rather than portray us as rank beginner newbies. I guess I have pride in my work and developed abilities, and I'm never clear if that is one of the old sins, and if it go-eth before a fall, well I'd better watch out hadn't I?


Kate said...

I just finished crawling all over the spare bed with a mouthful of pins wishing I had some blocking wires - so where DO you get good blocking wires in New Zealand?

hovercrafteel said...

I, too, have experienced that when going to a knitting group that's new to me. I learned to take along a lace or two-handed Fair Isle project to my first meeting; helps to erase the doubt. :)

Knitting Linguist said...

Oy. That would have annoyed me. I don't think it's pride going before a fall, I think it's a justifiable sense that people should learn about you before assuming things. There's this sense in old and settled groups that new people don't bring anything, which is rather sad, I think, as often people are new for reasons other than that they're just learning what the group's about. I like the second commenter's suggestion about bringing along (or wearing) a "CV" project -- y'know, one that establishes your street cred? (which you have plenty of!)

KathyR said...

You've brought up some good points there, Stella! I must remember that for future visitors/new members to our meeting. I don't think that we have erred in the past like this, but one can never be too careful! (I'm actually not sure that most of our members would know what blocking was even though they are all fairly experienced! They probably wet and press items but as for pinning out...?)

Message to Kate - I don't know where you can buy "proper" blocking wires (heck, my LYSs haven't even heard of stitch markers!!) but engineering shops should have fluxless stainless steel mig welding wires(?) - the finest you can get. I'll inquire for myself one day when I get around to it.