Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I've left my camera at work, I took it in this morning because I had taken some photos of vintage paua and silver jewellery that I had promised to a FOAF (Friend of a Friend), for her PdD thesis on, oh I'm not sure but Kiwiana and paua and souvenirs are all part of it. Bears mother left me some paua and silver jewellery, made by returned service men in the 1940 and 50's. This morning I photographed it and slung the camera in my bag to download and send the images to her from work - but when I picked up the camera to come home, I forgot to eject the memory card from the laptop. Bother, bother, bother.

Update - Thursday morning, dolt that I am, I remembered that there were a few knitting photos in the in-camera-memory, so I've added them.

So today there are no pictures. A picture-less post (except for the ones I found on the in-camera memory and uploaded thursday morning).

But I can report :
Cb's Tantalising socks are nearly done, only the toe to complete.
Poppy's GF shrug, ugh, I've started decreasing towards the wrist, a paired decrease every 2nd row as in a raglan, but I don't like it. The shaping is much to sharp. So I'll frog back and decrease more evenly, around the sleeve, as I usually do. I want the decreases quite sharp after the elbow so I can knit a long rib, but not this localised, it made an unnatural bump. I want nearly a fore-arms worth of ribbing, 2x2 ribbing. Remember instead of knitting two sleeves flat cuff up and grafting them across the back, I've provisionally cast on at mid back and have knit the sleeves down to the cuff. So I'm making the details up as I go, but its loosely based on Wendy Bernards Girl Friend Shrug (GFS).

I went shopping to Milton Mill Monday, and picked up some combed top (to spin), and more possum merino silk fingering yarn, in a slightly oranger version of the red, and some cotton in lime green for washcloths (it was only $1), and some space dyed sunny merino in 4 ply/sport weight. This is to become the last baby gift i need, we have had 3 babies due so far this year, I've bought cool long sleeved white tee shirts for the other two, one says 'AB-CE' in an ACDC like motif complete with lightening bolt, the other said 'fragile, handle with care'. This last one, I have time to knit a BSJ, and Caro, the mum says there are no knitters in her family, so I think she neeeeeds something knitted, what do you think?

I also picked up another cone of 'milton mystery yarn', on the 'as is what is' sale table, in a brown-grey, a 2 ply fingering with a Z twist, ideal for twined knitting. I got an 890g cone for $8, so thought I would offer it to the twined knitting tutor, our local knit guru for the class. I've skeined up 200m and washed it to see how it fluffs. It drying nicely and looks like a sock weight.

So, I'll try and post pictures tomorrow or Friday to fill in the gaps, I'm sorry about no photo but the up side is the post will load quick, you will just have to imagine it for yourselves.



Knitting Linguist said...

Bummer about the camera (but I'm intrigued by the jewelry -- maybe throw a picture of that in the next post?)! It sounds like you're making knitting progress, though. I can't wait to see the finished shrug, as I love that color, and I know Daughter is going to look lovely wearing it :)

Kirsty said...

the blue yarn is a _gorgeous_ shade, love it!
Thanks for the comment on my dress- I think the mobile bow is the way forward, you're right!