Saturday, May 19, 2007

Small world this knit one

So this week I've been reminded that although the world is a vast place with millions of people I will never know - it is at times small and friendly, incredibly friendly. I talk about meeting up with an old friend, and making a new friend, Elspeth and Jane. There is not much knitting reported here - sorry about that, but a fair isle video made and in edit stage for latter this week.

A wee while ago I posted a rather sad and lame complaint on Knitters Review about not being able to easily get more Knit pics clear files for my options folder. Just like all the other non-American knitters out there. Jane dropped into my life with an offer, out of the blue to send me some she had spare. What a wonderful gesture from a fellow knitter! Anyway I since found out Jane might be very much a knitter person like myself, with a busy life, and for whom the post office is not always an easy stop. I had a few hic-ups sending a small thank you to Jane, for which I felt very apologetic. Jane's spare knit pics clear files arrived over the weekend. There was also this kit for a key ring sock blocker and instructions for knitting a sock to fit. So cute, I've seen these on blogs and on-line shops and these are 'way way cuter' in person. Thank you Jane. I can see that I might need to knit a few socks, one for each that I knit, just to keep things fresh, and toe up - maybe with a double knit toe ....?

So here is my rather full knit pics options folder, with many, many more clear file folders. It is nice a and fat now. So what use did I put the spare clear files to? Well apart from giving each pair of needle tips its own pocket, I filed the little cute tools that come with Knitpics, the wee flat ends and the small looped tighteners, and then I think I went very commercially incorrect ....

I filed my Addi turbo circulars in the same folder as my Knitpics ... something tells me that this might be frowned on by both the manufacturers of Addi and of Knitpics. And while I don't want to alienate either of those two - this is my knitting resource so both belong here in my eyes.

and Elspeth, well way back in high school when I was not a social butterfly, still aren't, for many reasons(then and now). Elspeth was cool, and intelligent, and soo soo small. In that petite and boyish way. You know there were those girly girls who the boys liked, then there were the ones who every one liked - well that seemed to be Elspeth, she was little, cute and cool. She listened to the cool bands, the Dunedin sound. She was good at art, and nice, nice nice nice - not many cool teenage girls are.
Well last weekend it turned out Elspeth was back in my life, as a student upgrading her qualification at the institution I teach. And true to form, every other lecturer on staff who had taught her (she studied here before I joined staff) remembered her in a good way. She is just one of those people, and yes, we talked, a very quick catch up in a busy class, and she is a real person, and still just as cool and neat as before!