Wednesday, May 30, 2007

theres not much knitting going on around here ..

... and there really is no good reason. I spent a night playing with the colours for the fair isle baby blanket. My first swatch proved that some thought was needed to get nice things happening colourwise. Once I had a nice 'order' to the colours I made this card reference. With the yarns all aligned so that if I picked up and knit any adjacent ones the fair isle would show up and be attractive. There is a lilac and a grey which are very very close in colour, so I have to keep them appart. I scanned the lot, and defined each yarn as a 'pattern' in photoshop in preparation to make a custom version of the chart. But didn't get much further on that - takes time. The yarn is Patons Bluebell 5 ply, Australian wool crepe, guage of about 26 stitches to 10 cm/4" on 3.75 mm - but I've been knitting on 3.25mm.

I've been knitting on toby's regial stripe sock, half way up the leg and little on the fana cardigan but only a cm or two. Out to knit group last night, and meet a new knitter - Heather. But she had to dash - like all busy people some weeks other things come first.

I found out that Kaffe Fasset was in town yesterday. Giving a lecture on colour at the art gallery. I'm a member, all paid up, invited to the openings and all, and no one told me! I'm miffed. Very miffed. None of those knitting last night knew until it was all over. We are all miffed, very very miffed. I've got a pile of socks (not hand knitted) and other non ironables to deal with tonight. We are all tired of playing hunt the smalls in the clean washed dried but not folded and away washing, before getting dressed each morning. Toby's generally swaps extra tv time for sock pairing - so I plan to use child labour.

I was playing around looking for Fana cardigan stuff on the web, for a little inspiration, and found this . A thesis available on line, by Gail Ann Lambert, for her masters in 2002 on the Taxonomy of sweater structures. And I'm just geeky about my knitting to read it! Well done Gail - I wish my thesis topic was so interesting.

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