Monday, July 03, 2006

Its been a while.... and I have more mail

...and for lots of little reasons, but no one really good reason. Whats been keeping me from updating the blog?
Well ... Study, or lack of study, in that a whopping big assignment was due, and i had not done anything, at, all, for it. So a week of heart pounding panic, damp palms, lying in bed wondering if I should be pulling alll nighters, and then deciding that I was to mature - read old enough to know that all nighters are not effective.
What else, well... I was really nice and lent my camera to a collegue who needed to put together a digital portfolio for her masters proposal. And so camera-less for a weekend, I felt unable to blog. Whats a blog without photos, I would ask myself.
And I have been feeling blah, not all out sick, not feverish, not off my food, but just tired of an evening blah. Just down and not even feel like knitting blah.

I do in some ways blame the Bohus, or rather my knitting of the Bohus. Around 3 weeks ago I found a dropped stitch, only I found it 10 cm or 4 inches past the drop point. So I did what any clued up modern knitter would do, I picked up a fine crochet needle and 'knitted' up the stitch as I have done before. But I have never done this in fine wool over such a long distance. What I discovered is that adding an extra stitch between two over that distance pulls a ridge of distortion into the fabric. So I halted, i should have contacted knitters review and asked the gurus there ... but I was afraid that they would give two answers. The first to frog, the second to block. I find flat knitting tedious, and more difficult than in the round or colour work, I really didn't want to frog 10 cm so I knit on. I am still undecided, and as I am knitting a small size may even frog once blocked and re knit that panel. But anyway - here is the progress shot. If you look carefully you can see the tight ridge down along the lower right hand edge. I just keep thinking, 2 weeks of knitting, on 2.5mm pins, and flat - I really don't want to redo it if i can avoid it, and yet I know I am a perfectionist. anyway around 5 cm off the hem fold, as I have decided to have a turned faced hem not ribbing. Then on to the sleeves, and finally the front, before maybe reknitting the lower back with no dropped stitches.

My 40th birthday prezzie arrived last week, rose collar, another bohus. The colours are beautiful. I think I will find an intermediate project to knit and then Rose collar. I want to make her flat, as a cardie, not as a 'sweater'. I think that would add more to my wardrobe than
another sweater.

Toby's socks were done, with 2 days to spare, and he opened them 2nd in the line up of family presents. A birthday seven year old who says 'wow - socks, did you make them for me mum?' gets extra pancakes for breafast in my book!

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