Saturday, June 10, 2006

Bohus on the back burner

Bohus Blue shimmer seems to be on the back burner, although I had mail from Solveig saying the rose collar bohus kit had been shipped. Will need to make drawer space for Rose Collar!

Toby's sock number one is all but finished, a 56 stitch, on 2.25 mm needles, with 2 rows of tubular cast on on my new 1.75 mm german dpns, 1x1 ribb for 4.5 cm, then 3x1 rib. A 'granny square' slip stitched heel, a round heel cup and onwards to the toe. I like a shaped toe, so will degrease every second round to about 12 or 15 stitchs. Very nearly 7 year old Toby posed for the photo, keen on having the pointy dpns as part of the sock, and reluctant to use the floral footstool. Same story last year when i made him a pair of black mittens. He wanted the final mitten to be fingerless and have the dpns retained as spikes. Not a show, not so much the safety issue(well a lot of that) but the scarcity of fine dpn's here, I was not about to let him gallop around the playground with my precious sock dpns menicing the others.

I plan to knit lots of Bohus this week, but have to admit that I do not find acres of flat knitting motivating. And it seems harder to sit and complete a row in a few minutes, at least even with colour work in the round I could pick up and put down for a minute or two at odd times of the day. I have a fear that to halt mid row would leave a hole, but I don't know why I think this. Am I brave enough to try a mid row needle park overnight and see if it is true? Will report on this next sunday.

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