Sunday, March 20, 2016

Call to action

Sometimes knitters get a call to action. Last week I was happily knitting on my dark green blue sock yarn slanted Sleeven and bam! Younger Cubs camp provision list came home -- listing two woolen sweaters or polar fleece tops were required.

Well! Turns out she has loads of hats, loads of woolen socks, and loads of mitts and gloves - but no long sleeved sweaters that fit her. Emergency stations as I dug through the stash (knew it was an essential to keep the stash stocks high) and found some good warm thick (for me) Aran weight merino mossum yarn. The colour choices were blue or brown, with some contrast of red, green and orange. Younger cub was not particularly enthusiastic about having a sweater knit - so the blue was kept for me and the brown, with green and orange highlights donated to the cause.

Sweaters knit in a hurry are simple, this one is a raglan, knit in the round, with stripes of the available yarns alternating until just brown remains to knit the lower edges. We both agree it might not be 'pretty' but it will be warm and it is knitted with lots of love. They will spend one night camping out in small pup tents - and it should have turned colder by then, warm and snug is the goal, together with finished.

The deadline is April, already the yoke is pretty much done.

I am using Techknitters jiggles stripes, the ones for three rounds or more, so far so good, my stripes started with three rounds and have increased to 6. I think they will stay at 6 - as carrying yarn further will require attention to twisting or securing the yarn floats.

On the outside the jog where the colour changes are pretty much joggless.


Excuse me whilst I head off to knit some more.

Na stella


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Jocelynn said...

Excellent job! This is why I always say that knitting is a post-apocalyptic skill. i do like the colour choice.